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   Chapter 103 Tit for Tat

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Susan walked up to Shirley, pulling at her clothes and said, "Stop playing with your phone Shirley. Get up and say hello to your sister-in-law Rachel!"

Shirley seemed to be reluctant to do that. No matter how hard Susan pulled at her, she seemed unwilling to greet Rachel. Finally she stood up very very slowly, "My name is Shirley", she introduced herself to Rachel, "I'm a very distant relative of the Rong family, a remote cousin."

Rachel was a little surprised about the way she introduced herself. Usually when you introduced yourself, you tried to put your best foot forward and show extreme closeness to the Rong family. Shirley was just on the contrary.

"Uh, Shirley, even though you're a distant relative, Hiram is still your cousin. Alright, say hello to your sister-in-law." Susan poked at her and said.

"That's right Shirley, " said Miranda, who was standing beside her, "my mother-in-law brought you here today to introduce you to your sister-in-law." Miranda turned to Rachel, smiled and continued, "Shirley is a niece of my mother-in-law. She has been brought up by my mother-in-law because her parents died early. For that she might have grown up to be a little lonely and arrogant. Please don't blame it on her."

Rachel listened for a while, but soon she understood that Shirley was intentionally saying that she was a distant relative.

Because marriages between collateral relatives by blood were forbidden by the law, she mentioned of her relation with them was distant on purpose.

What she really meant was

She had no blood relationship with Hiram at all.

After figuring that out, Rachel was not surprised any more. Hiram was so popular that so many people wanted to marry him. If Shirley also wanted to, she wouldn't be shocked.

"Nice to meet you sister-in-law. Where's Hiram, did you come here alone?" Shirley asked Rachel directly without any hesitation. Her question was so impolite that others wouldn't have dared to ask at all.

"Uh, Shirley! How can you speak like that? Streams Company is such a huge enterprise that keeps Cousin Hiram busy every day. Isn't it normal that he might be a little late for the family reunion because of being too busy?" Susan looked at Shirley and reprimanded her.

Shirley didn't look embarrassed at all but kept saying, "Are you sure? I am afraid that the truth might be that Hiram doesn't want to come here with her at all.

It is clear to everyone that

kened in an instant, but she still said calmly, "Shirley, Lydia and I have met no more than three times so far. I don't know why you have such a prejudice. Can you tell me, what happened to make you hate me so much?"

As Shirley's sister-in-law, she could tolerate the little girl's offence for a while, but it did not mean that she would always tolerate it.

Hearing her, Shirley did not know what to say for a while.

Her hate was born within her the moment Rachel became the wife of Hiram?

"Lydia has been on summer vacation, but she still hasn't come back yet. Are you daring to say, it is not because of you?" Shirley was also not an easy woman to deal with. As soon as she recovered her composure, she answered back.

Rachel raised her eyebrows and said, "Oh? Do you think it's me who has not allowed her to come back? Don't you think maybe it is because she did something so wrong that she is not daring to come back?"

Shirley was not able to say anything.

"Shirley, I have one word for you which I will only say once. It's not necessary for me to be against anyone on purpose, however if there's anyone against me all the time, I won't be blamed for whatever I do, "

Rachel looked at the speechless Shirley and said. Her voice was as calm as usual.

Shirley bit her lip, and turned her head away silently. Miranda felt embarrassed as well, she bowed her head and straightened her clothes.

The atmosphere became kind of awkward. Susan watched and didn't know what to say or what to do. Just then she looked at the door casually.

She stood up immediately.

"Hiram? So glad you're finally here."

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