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   Chapter 102 The Feast At The Rong Family

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"Rachel? Where are you? Hiram told me to pick you up, " Carl said.

"It's still early now. I'm still in the city center. Don't bother. I will go to the Streams Company by myself later, " Rachel said. She wanted to hang around a little longer.

But Carl said, "Rachel, here is the thing. There will be some guests at the home of Rong family tonight. So Hiram asked me to get you prepared for tonight ahead of time."

Rachel halted and asked with a frown, "There will be guests? If it's not a convenient time, then you tell Hiram that I will go to the home of Rong family with him another day."

"I'm afraid that you have to go today. These guests are coming to see you. So you have to show up, " Carl said with pure pleasure.

These guests were relatives from Rong and Fang families. Hiram's mother had known that Rachel would come tonight, so she had invited them. How could Rachel, the star of the feast tonight, be absent?

Rachel let out a long sigh silently. She knew that Hiram had put her into trouble again. If she had known this plan, she wouldn't have promised him that she would go so quickly!

"Then it's settled. Now I will drive downtown to pick you up. The hair stylist and the costumer are waiting for you. I'm on the way!" Carl thought Rachel had acquiesced since she hadn't said anything.

Noting that Rachel was upset, Celine was confused and asked Rachel with a smile, "What's the matter? You just go to the house of the Rong family. Why are you looking like that? You have been there before!"

"Celine. Hiram and I have been divorced. But he's still going to introduce me to the guests of the Rong family. What do you think about that?" Rachel asked with resignation.

Celine laughed. Then she said what was on her mind clearly.

"If you can break up with Hiram, I will do whatever you ask me to do!

Hiram has no intention of ending this relationship with you. His eyes are filled with endless love every time he looks at you. You didn't see how the woman named Cassie was jealous of you today. Even though there is friction between you and Hiram, you won't break up. If you two are still divorced in the end, I will have your last name as mine!"

Rachel looked at Celine and poked at her, "What do you mean? Are you saying that I got myself into a fuss about nothing?"

"I don't know if it is about nothing. But I think you should find an oppo

. I'm going to introduce you to......"

"Mom." Rachel nodded her head slightly and greeted Joanna.

"Well, come here, Rachel. This is your eldest aunt. She's my twin sister." Joanna pointed at the woman who was in a black dress and wore a jewelry necklace. Though they were twin sisters, they didn't look like each other.

Joanna then pointed at the woman in a magenta gown and said to Rachel, "This is your aunt from Hiram's uncle's family. we have a very close relationship."

"Nice to meet you, aunties. My name is Rachel." Rachel greeted them one by one.

"Nice meeting you too. You are such a good girl!" The aunt from Hiram's uncle's family praised Rachel with a smile.

"Mom, you continue with your conversation. We are going to take Rachel away from you." Suddenly a young girl as agile as a butterfly ran there and dragged Rachel to the other side of the room.

Rachel was confused and didn't know who the girl was. Then she heard the girl say, "Rachel, my name is Susan. I'm the daughter of the lady you were talking to. Hiram is my cousin."

The family tree of the Rong family was large. Hiram had plenty of cousins. Carl was just one of them.

"Rachel, nice meeting you. Let me introduce myself first. My husband is the son of your mother-in-law's sister. Am I clear to you?" That woman who wore an elegant grey dress smiled at Rachel, "My name is Miranda, you can call me your sister if you like."

"Nice to meet you, sister......" Rachel said in a gentle voice.

Finally all of them looked at the girl who was seated on the couch playing on a mobile phone.

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