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   Chapter 101 A Handsome But Violent Man

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"Nice to meet you, Ms. Ruan, how are you doing? Have you also rented an office here? I must blame Hiram for that. How could he allow his woman to suffer this? You know, people here are tough to get along with. Not looking after his fiancee is definitely not a gentleman's deed. You must be sad. Am I right?"

Hearing his sarcastic words, Rachel immediately understood what he meant.

She thought in her mind, people always said one couldn't avoid meeting their enemies. Yes, this saying was totally true, she was facing it!

Strictly speaking, Patrick was not her enemy, but Rachel had placed him in her list of people to avoid. Why? This man was too astute to be a friend and he was constantly trying to figure out what he could get from you. He was so cunning that he could get what he wanted.

You must keep your eyes wide open when he was around you. Or he would take all you had relentlessly and cruelly.

"Nice to meet you, too. Women should do nothing at all in your opinion, I see. We have no rights, not even the right of going out to work, right?" Rachel retorted with a smile on her face. She deliberately took a few steps backward from him in order to keep a distance.

Patrick raised his eyebrows upon hearing her. He stood there and looked up and down at her. His eyes were full of suspicions and he was curious as to what was going on, "I believe Hiram is a generous person. But look at what you're wearing, don't you think it looks quite humble as you are Hiram's fiancee? I wondered if you're wearing designer clothes, but apparently you aren't. Then, tell me. Is Hiram too mean to support his wife? You are working because you have a lack of money."

Rachel felt ridiculous upon what he said. She tried not to laugh, "That is totally my choice. I would like to wear what I like, and it has nothing to do with Hiram. It is quite rude of you to compare me with other women when you barely know me!"

Whether she lacked money was not for him to judge. Actually she had got countless expensive clothes bought by Hiram, and they were right there in the villa Hiram lived in. But she was too proud to bring those clothes with her, even one piece from amongst them.

Thinking of which family he came from, it was no wonder Patrick would think of what she wore as humble. For him as well as Hiram, fancy cars and luxury clothes were just daily necessities. But for Rachel, things would become complicated.

"By the way, what I wear has none of your business. You think it is humiliating to wear clothes like these, but may I ask you why? Do I humiliate you?" Rachel turned around and went inside after she finished her conversation. She didn't care what Patrick would say as it was a waste of time to talk with him.

Why did Celine take so long? Had she flushed herself away in the washroom, she thought hysterically!

She walked a few steps and heard something banging behind her loudly. It sounded like something heavy was falling on the floor from above.

Rachel turned around to check out the sound. She saw Patrick down on one of his knees, and there was a man standing behind him, with a black mask on his face and a big stick in his hands. The man was hitting Patrick again and again on his head.

Rachel was frantic and she couldn't help screaming.

What on earth was the matter? An attack? Or an ambush?

y? I heard you called him Mr. Yan. What's his full name? Would you give me his phone number?" Celine stared at Rachel expectantly. At first glance at Patrick, she had felt her heart beating fast as if it would jump out from her chest. It must be love.

"Patrick Yan. That's his name. I don't have his phone number, sorry. But you can turn back to our office. I bet he has not left yet." Rachel replied to Celine carelessly. She was busy calling her mom.

"Hello, my dear."

"Mom, this is Rachel. I will come to visit you tomorrow. What do you need? I can bring it along."

Celine didn't give up and wanted to ask for Patrick's number again. Rachel was speaking to her mom on the phone. She had to leave Rachel alone. She looked back at the building and shook her head slightly.

"I don't need anything, my dear. Do you have time to come back tomorrow? How is Hiram? How about you two? Have you made it up?" Fannie asked questions after questions. All she cared for was their relationship and their happiness. If they didn't get back to each other, she would feel miserable.

"OK, mom. How about the yoghurt I bought last time? I remember you said it tasted good. I'll bring another two boxes, OK?" Rachel wasn't prepared to answer Fannie's question and she talked about other things instead.

"Whatever, as you like. You're welcome to come back home. But you must come back together with Hiram. Tell him I'm missing him so much and want to meet him." Fannie responded quickly and she wouldn't let Rachel go.

Her heart was still heavy since she didn't see the couple with her own eyes.

"Mom, I……"

Rachel closed her eyes and sighed to herself helplessly, "OK, I'll ask him whether he is available, but I can't promise you anything."

Celine saw Rachel hanging up her phone. She came close and held her hands, "My dear Rachel, can you tell me more about Patrick Yan, please? I wonder what he does for a living……"

Rachel's phone began to ring before Celine could finish saying her piece.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders and looked at her phone. It was Carl calling. What was the matter?

Oh, she had almost forgotten.

She had promised Hiram to have dinner with him at his parents' place tonight.

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