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   Chapter 100 His Honey-sweet Words

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In a quiet corner of the restaurant.

"I have put my fingers into your pie. I admit that I was impulsive when I heard she drugged you.

But I regret now. Since you gave her the chance to drug you, you must be very comfortable with her!"

Rachel said hastily before Hiram could say a word. It was him who went out with other woman and had dinner with her. Since he had enjoyed the pleasure of her accompany, he should bear the consequence.

Hiram gazed at her and made no objection immediately. He listened to Rachel's complains quietly, waiting for her to speak out what was in her mind. He begged her when she stopped talking.

"Yes, it's all my fault. I felt quite lost when you left me all of a sudden. I couldn't have dinner alone."

Rachel turned her head aside and looked down on the floor. She didn't want to see his face right now. She took a deep breath and tried hard not to shout at him, "Then, you admit that you have been having dinner with her the past few days, don't you? Ah, why didn't you sleep with her? Why did you take the trouble asking Carl to call me?"

Hiram sniffed and lowered his voice, "No, that's different. I just felt lonely and wanted to have dinner with somebody around. But I didn't say that I wanted to sleep with other women."

"Let me go."

Rachel looked down at his hands on her arms. She tried to push them away but was pulled into his arms gracefully, "Honey, I was wrong and have paid my price. Would you come and visit me once you have time? I promise I'll never ask other women out any more."

"All right. With your rules, I could have dinner with other men at my will. It's none of your business, right?" Rachel contradicted him. She tried to get herself out of his arms, but failed.

"Are you jealous about that, honey? You don't need to. I won't let myself disturb your normal social activities. I'm not mean."

Hiram held Rachel in his arms. He looked down upon her and smelled the scent of her hair. His voice was hoarse and soft. The scent of her hair provoked his emotions. He would lose himself beside her.

Rachel was struggling to free herself from him. She touched the bandages on his arm. It reminded her that Hiram had been bound up just now, and she shouldn't make him bleed again. She said to him softly, "Let me go. I need to check the studio with Celine now, and you should go back to your work too. We'll talk later."

Hiram heard her voice changed and felt warmth flowing into his heart. He let her go reluctantly, "The office downstairs will be waiting for you as always. You can work there if you change your mind."

Rachel felt free once she left his arms. She took a deep breath and didn't answer him. She turned around and left the restaurant.

She was laughing within herself helplessly.

The honey sweet words o

" Rachel asked Celine to keep a secret for her. After all, divorce was not a decent thing to talk about. She couldn't bear people laughing at her. She had got married and few people knew it. Then she got divorced before they could hold a wedding ceremony. What would people think of her?

"There is another thing. My mom is staying at my hometown all by herself and I want to visit her tomorrow. Would you look after our office for me for a couple of days?" Rachel paused for a while and said to Celine.

Fannie lived by herself in their hometown, and Rachel was worried about her all the time.

Celine nodded her head and said, "Of course! Just go and see your mom. Stay there as long as you wish. I'm quite good at arrangement, you know. Let's call it a day now. I'll go to the washroom before leaving, wait a minute."

After she left for the washroom, Rachel walked outside. She saw the office opposite was rented out too. People were coming and going, carrying things in their hands.

Rachel saw a man wearing sunglasses leaning against the glass door, instructing workers where to go. He was holding a cigar in his hand and smoked it once in a while.

Rachel felt that his action of smoking the cigar was quite familiar to her. But she couldn't recognize who the man was as he had his sunglasses on.

It seemed the man had noticed Rachel looking at him. He turned his head to look back. He threw his cigar on the ground and crushed it out with his boot. Then he walked toward her as if he knew her.

Rachel felt at sea and didn't know what to do. What would he do? She had no idea who he was.

Wait, she was familiar with his walking style, but what was his name?

There was a smirk on his face. He took off his glasses as he walked. His eyes were shining and as sharp as a cheetah's. His short beard was manly. It was nobody else but Patrick Yan!

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