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   Chapter 99 Apologize To My Wife

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May swallowed the juice spilled into her mouth involuntarily. Then she realized that it might be the leftover from some one else. So she quickly started to spit.

Cassie recovered from the shock of being splashed with coffee. She grabbed the cup in front of her and threw the juice in Rachel's direction."You are totally insane! What happened between me and Mr. Rong is none of your business!"

But Cassie didn't expect that the juice she flung was blocked by the plate Celine held out. A few drops of juice splashed on Rachel's dress.

"Attention, please!"

Celine picked up a spoon on the table and beat it against the plate. She cleared her throat and started to shout.

"That shameless bitch! She is so cheeky that she dared to seduce my friend, also the husband of the woman next to me. But her husband ignored that bitch. Then that brazen woman went so far as to seduce him with philter! What do you say? Shouldn't we sprinkle that shameless woman with juice?"

What Celine said made the diners stop eating and look at Cassie and whisper amongst themselves about her.

"What are you talking about? It's all nonsense! I have never heard of the news that Mr. Rong is married. Do you think people here will believe what you said? It's nothing but a lie you made up!" Cassie didn't believe a word Celine had said. 'Mr. Rong is still single. Who on earth is that woman?' She thought.

"Cassie is right. Are you crazy because you want a man desperately? Do you have an illusion that Mr. Rong is your husband?" May wiped the juice from her face hurriedly. She pointed at Rachel and swore.

Such a funny joke! Cassie was a special guest model of the magazine. If a woman as pretty as her couldn't win the heart of Mr. Rong, there was no possibility that he would fall in love with this woman who could not equal Cassie.

Celine gave a snort of derision as if she had heard a funny joke, "Illusion? I bet you are the one who has the illusion that Mr. Rong is your husband. You must be joking. Rachel......"

Celine gave Rachel a nudge and said, "Call Mr. Rong now. The building of Streams Company is not far away from here. Everything will be clear if he comes over in person."

There were so many people watching them! If Mr. Rong could come over in person, it would be much better than slapping these two bitches on their faces!

But Rachel was hesitant about calling Hiram. She had not told Celine that she and Hiram had already been divorced.

What would Hiram think if Rachel called him at this time?

"What's the matter? Why don't you call Mr. Rong? I bet you don't have the phone number of Mr. Rong at all. How dar

"Cassie, apologize to my wife now!" Hiram finally looked at Cassie.

"I......" Cassie couldn't manage to speak out an apology at that moment. She looked at Hiram and Rachel with shock and disbelief.

"As for what happened yesterday, I have showed as much mercy as I can for you. You should thank god I didn't settle an account with you! Although my wife splashed you with coffee, you shouldn't have abused her. Apologize to her!" Hiram's eyebrows knitted together, as he looked at Cassie impassively.

"Cassie, just apologize, " May said while pulling at her sleeve. Hiram had acknowledged that Rachel was his wife in front of all people in this room. So they were the ones who were wrong.

Cassie kept silent for a while. Then she lowered her head and said with her teeth clenched, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Rong. It was my fault. I shouldn't have seduced Mr. Rong...... I'm so sorry!"

After apologizing to Rachel, Cassie was too ashamed to raise her head. She kept her head down and dashed out of the restaurant. May immediately followed her out.

After Cassie and May left, people in the restaurant started to gossip loudly!

"Home wreckers are getting so unscrupulous nowadays. They go to any length to seduce men, even though these means are shameful!"

"That's right. If every man were as faithful as that Mr. Rong, all married women in the world would live a happy life!"

"Indeed. My neighbor, Mr. Wang, cheated on his wife. His wife found him and the home wrecker lying on the bed together. Mr. Wang brazenly made every effort to protect that home wrecker. It's so shameful!"

"It's so uplifting!"

Celine said.

Then she took her purse and left the restaurant without saying goodbye to Rachel and Hiram. She wanted to leave them alone.

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