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   Chapter 98 How Could She Fail God's Will

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Rachel was about to reject the proposal when she felt a hand covering her mouth and a voice saying, "Etiquette requires reciprocity. Don't turn me down so quickly. Next time you need me to do something for your mother I won't reject either." Hiram moved his hand from her mouth and tried to persuade her patiently.

"I'm leaving now. I will ask Carl to contact you later, " Hiram continued.

He looked at her and seemed reluctant to leave. But after staring at her for a little while longer he turned and walked towards the door.

After Hiram left, Rachel stood still.

Why? No matter how hard she had tried, Hiram could manage to change her mind so easily?

She was like the grand monkey in the palm of the Tabatha. She flew away as far as she could. She thought she had escaped from his world. But whenever she turned around, she found that she was still in his palm!

It seemed that he didn't overtly retain her violently. On the contrary, he pled her with affection and reason, seemingly gentle and considerate, leaving her no reason to turn him down.

But indeed, she knew him well. He was still a wolf in a sheep's clothing.

A wolf who changed its behavior, but never changed its cunning and insidious nature.

As she pondered, the cell phone rang, pulling her back to reality. Rachel walked to the couch, sitting down while she answered the phone.

"Rachel, today is my holiday. Our members suggested that I should help you to organize our studio. After all, it will be launched in 10 days. Let's hurry. Are you available today?" asked Celine from the other end.

"Yes, I'm available today. Let's meet at the downtown city. There's a train right to our studio's doorstep, " Rachel replied. While she was speaking, Rachel rubbed her stomach. She felt a little hungry as she had been so busy this morning that she hadn't got the time to have her breakfast yet.

"That would be great. I am on my way. And you also have to hurry, " Celine said.

After hanging up the phone, Rachel changed her clothes. Before she was about to leave, she also put all the dirty clothes into the auto washing machine to wash.

Because she was so hungry, she decided to have a piece of bread on her way. She went into the snack bar of the community and grabbed a slice.

When they met each other in the downtown city, it was almost noon.

Rachel intended to have lunch first otherwise she would be too hungry to do anything. She pulled Celine to the nearest restaurant to enjoy their lunch first.

"What were you busy with this morning? How could you forget to have your breakfast? Were you sleeping so late out of laziness?" Celine looked at Rachel who look

iram could be lined up almost as a circle around the whole city.

"We are all women. You don't have to feel any shame. If it was you who drugged Hiram, you have to admit it. Tell me, was it you?" Rachel stared at Cassie penetratingly.

Cassie looked at Rachel. She too thought that Rachel was just one of Hiram's adorers. Since she had the chance to have dinner with Hiram, she had been hated by many women. She thought Rachel was one of them, and was envious of her.

"If I say yes, it was me. What can you do to me? Even if it was I drugged him, Mr. Rong didn't do anything to me. Do you think you still have the chance..."

Before she finished her words, A cup of steaming hot coffee was flung on Cassie's face.

Celine finally understood what had happened after hearing the entire conversation. She rushed to help Rachel.

"Are you Crazy? How dare you throw coffee on me? Oh my God, you are really insane." Cassie almost lost her mind. Her dress was ruined by the coffee. She couldn't help but scream at Rachel.

At that moment, the diners in the restaurant had stopped eating and turned to see what was going on between these four women.

May stood up quickly and yelled at Rachel, "Are you deaf? How dare you throw coffee at Cassie. Even Mr. Rong is reluctant to hurt her. Are you out of mind?"

Before May could finish, a glass of juice was flung at her.

Right into her mouth!

They had made Hiram suffer too much! Hiram was too generous to hurt a woman, But she was not Hiram!

After all, they had also made her the victim indirectly.

Rachel put down the cup on the table. She thought if she hadn't met them here, it would have been a blessing to them. Since she had met them by coincidence, It was God's will, and how could she fail God's will?

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