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   Chapter 97 Honey, Let's Talk

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Rachel felt embarrassed when Hiram came closer and proceeded to take a look at the two cars that were in 'close contact'.

"Sorry, I crashed your car..." She said to Hiram, with her head bowed.

This was not an unexpected accident, but God's plan.

Almost all the cars in the parking lot had already left at this point. Rachel had not followed the traffic rule and had driven directly across the parking spaces. This led to an embarrassing car accident.

"Good morning, Mr. Rong!"

The security guard said. Then, he pointed at Rachel. "It's her. I saw her bump into your car! If you want to check the surveillance video, I can fetch the tape for you!"

The security guard said humbly, as if he was trying to do his bit to help to resolve this 'terrible' accident.

However, Hiram seemed not to hear these words and went straight to Rachel. He looked at her and found that she was safe and sound. But he still felt worried and asked, "Are you alright?"

Rachel nodded her head in the affirmative to reassure him. She couldn't have hurt herself as she just started the car and the poor car was not that powerful.

"Give me the key, " commanded Hiram, staring at the car key in Rachel's hand, and reached out his hand.

Rachel said nothing and gave him the key.

Then, Hiram tossed the key to Carl and ordered, "You drive that car!"

Carl agreed and immediately got into the Santana and reversed it on to the main road of the parking lot.

Hiram then went over to his own car, opened the door of the passenger seat and said to Rachel, "Get in the car and I'll give you a ride. Carl will drive your car back."

A reluctant Rachel looked at the Santana and said to Hiram, "Just let Carl take me back

In case something bad happens."

"Then, how would he get back? And who would send the car to the repair center later?" Hiram retorted. Then, he tilted his chin as a signal to suggest that she enter the car quickly.

Rachel said nothing and got into his car.

Hiram, silently fastened her seat belt. He then closed her door and settled in to the driver's seat on the other side of the car.

The security guard was left open-mouthed in the middle of the parking lot.

The security guard stood there in shock. He was confused about what just had happened and couldn't understand why Rachel had got such a good treatment after she bumped into a luxury car.

It suddenly occurred to him that the Santana should pay the parking fee as there was no check-in information of the car. Then, he shouted, "Ah, wait. You haven't paid the parking fee yet!"

However, the Santana was long gone.

Hiram drove Rachel towards her neighborhood. Hiram drove

her own business.

"OK." Hiram came near Rachel and said, "Let's deal with this some other day. No, today. I will go to XH village in person, apologize to your mother and clarify everything. Then, you won't have to pretend anymore."

Rachel was struck dumb by Hiram's words. Then, she looked away and said, "Not yet, my mother has not fully recovered. What if she becomes angry and hurts herself again? We can register the divorce certificate, and not tell her about it."

"Why? Then, we'd better register the divorce certificate after she fully recovers from the injury. In that case, she can at least see that you and I are still in love, which will also be good for her recovery, "

Hiram said. He looked at Rachel with a smile on his face, as if he had already found her weakness.

"Hiram, you..." Rachel said angrily.

"If you don't want to do it for me, then you should do it for the money that I gave you. Otherwise, you should return the money too..." Hiram said.

"No way!"

Rachel said in angry. Seriously? She got divorced without any reason, and Hiram was actually asking her to return the money? No way!

"Huh, it's even better, " Hiram said. He had expected that she wouldn't be willing to return the money. Anyone wouldn't willingly return such a large amount of money, let alone the smart and clever girl that Rachel was.

Only someone foolish would return the money.

Of course, Hiram didn't mean it. No matter what Rachel really cared about was, his well-being or his money, Hiram was satisfied to see that she still cared about him.

"My mother has been urging me to take you home for dinner and I have already refused her several times. I will ask Carl to pick you up tonight. Let's go back home together, "

Hiram paused and then said.

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