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   Chapter 96 I'm Sorry For Crashing Your Maybach

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"Hiram, are you crazy? Do you know what are you doing?" Rachel shouted when she saw the blood spreading on the floor. Hiram had been cutting his own arm with a knife! Blood was running down and dropping on the floor.

Rachel was startled and horrified by Hiram's irrational behavior. She rushed up to him and snatched the knife away from his hand before she figured out what was really going on.

She noticed that an overturned medical kit lay on the floor. She picked up the gauze bandage without any hesitation and began to bind up his bleeding arm.

There were two wounds on his arm, one was deep and the other superficial. The deep one was still bleeding; the other one was covered with dried blood. It pained Rachel to see Hiram hurting himself like that.

Hiram was in a confused state of mind and slumped on the floor. He sat there and looked at Rachel numbly. Her face turned pale out of fear. She knelt on the ground and got busy dealing with Hiram's wounds.

"What are you doing here?" Hiram asked after a while.

Although he had not totally recovered yet, he could definitely not fail to recognize her.

"I come and see you bleeding to death, but I can't be so cold-hearted, " Rachel said crossly. Only when she had finished the treatment to Hiram's wounds could she relax a little bit.

She stood up to fetch a towel from the bathroom. She saw the bathtub in which there were ice blocks that hadn't melted completely. She stretched out her hand to feel the water. It was bitterly cold.

Carl said Hiram had been drugged. She guessed that Hiram had tried to suppress the effect of the drug by bathing with the ice cold water.

Rachel soaked the towel, wrung it and then came back to Hiram. Hiram was leaning against the table, while holding his head with one hand and the other one clenching tightly. He looked quite miserable.

Rachel shook her head and said to herself, 'Why bother himself like that?'

As such a wealthy man, he could find any girl to quench his sexual desire that was triggered by the drug. However, he would rather hurt himself than be touched by some other woman.

And he was too proud to ask for her help. Could it be that this man put his dignity before his life?

Rachel mopped the perspiration from his forehead with the wet towel. They were so close that she could hear the heavy breathing that he was trying hard to suppress.

She continued to mop the blood from his body. She could clearly feel that his hands were trembling unconsciously because of her touch.

Suddenly, Rachel put down the towel. Then she held his waist with her hands and pressed her face against his chest. He shive

came and knocked at her window. "Get out of the car. Be quick. There are only two cars in this large parking lot, but you successfully crashed into the other one. I suspect you did that on purpose.

What's more, you crashed a Maybach. You're really a good driver!" he said with a sneer.

The security guard informed the front desk about the accident via a walkie talkie. "Inform the guest of room 7066 that his car was damaged by another car crashing into it.. Call him down to deal with the accident."

"What? That Maybach was crashed? By which car? Is the driver a man or a woman?" The chirpy girl at the front desk asked him a string of questions. Not only would Mr. Rong be livid at the damage to his car but he would never let the culprit go scot free.

"An old Santana driven by a girl." The security guard replied in a low voice while putting one of his hand over the walkie talkie.

Rachel had already got out of the car. She noticed that there was a dent on the door of the Maybach. She scratched her head. At the same time, her phone rang.

"Hello, Wilson, I understand that you want your car. I'm sorry. I'll be right back!"

She hung up the phone. Then she walked up to the security guard and said to him, "Sir, I'm pressed for time. Can you let me go? I know the owner of the Maybach. When he comes down, you tell him that I hit his car. He knows me well and knows how to contact me too. He will not be hard on you."

Rachel was about to leave. But the guard prevented her. "Are you kidding? How do I know you're telling the truth? I won't let you go. Just wait till the owner comes; then we will see how to deal with the accident."

Just as Rachel was worrying about what to do, she caught sight of Hiram who was walking towards them.

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