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   Chapter 95 Hiram Was Out Of His Mind

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Carl shouted, his voice cracking.

He saw Hiram walk directly towards the fridge after coming out of the bathroom.

"Cousin, if it's too much for you to take, then don't push yourself too hard. Just give in to your lust. How about I find a virgin for you now?" Carl looked at Hiram's back, not knowing whether it was glistening with water or sweat. He knew that it was very hard and even harmful to resist the lust without giving it any thought.

"Just shut up!" Hiram rummaged around the fridge but couldn't find what he wanted. Then he shouted at Carl, "Go and fetch me a bucket of ice! Hurry up!"

"Okay!" Carl said, immediately obeying his order. He went straight to the kitchen in the hotel to fetch some ice.

After a few minutes, he came back to the hotel room. Although he had been quick, Hiram was perspiring severely from holding back his desire. There was sweat covering his entire chest.

Carl didn't let anyone else into the room. He carried the bucket of ice into the bathroom and poured it into the bathtub, then he ran some cold water.

Now, it was the moment of truth.

Was this really going to work?

"Cousin, everything is ready. Should I ask Rachel to come over?" Carl asked, worried about Hiram.

'No matter what, nothing should happen to Hiram. God bless him. Otherwise, his mother will hold me accountable, ' Carl thought.

Hiram's eyebrows were knitted together. Walking into the bathroom, he said, "Don't say anything to her."

He slammed the bathroom door shut with a bang.

Carl paced back and forth outside the bathroom, waiting in anxiety. He took out his mobile phone a few times, wanting to call Rachel, but he suppressed the urge.

He knew what Hiram's temper was like. Hiram never changed his mind.

It was hard for Carl to make a decision.

About half an hour later, Carl finally heard a noise come from the bathroom. His ears pricked up immediately. He listened carefully at the door of the bathroom. When he heard something bump against the wall, he quickly slapped on the door.

"Cousin? Hiram? Don't do anything on impulse! Calm down. Don't hurt yourself!"

The door of the bathroom suddenly flew open.

Hiram's body was frozen red by the ice. The way he looked almost rendered Carl speechless.

It was clear from Hiram's appearance that the problem wasn't solved. It wasn't that easy to counteract the effect of the drug.

Hiram clenched his teeth, struggling to resist the effect of the drug. When he spotted the knife on the bar table, he

city, so it would take some time for her to get there.

And there was another thing that he wasn't taking into account.

Rachel's apartment was in a place where only a few people lived. If she needed to go downtown at midnight, it would be difficult for her to find a taxi.

So, Rachel had no choice but to borrow an ancient Santana from her neighbor. Although the car kept creaking, it worked.

Rachel wasn't good at driving, but fortunately, there weren't many cars on the road at midnight. She fumbled with the controls and finally managed to arrive at the hotel.

"Rachel? Thank God you're finally here!"

Carl was so pleased to see Rachel that he almost regarded her as his Goddess. The only one who could save Hiram's life was finally there.

"How are things going with Hiram?" Rachel was still panting for breath. She was sweating all over from driving with dread. She hadn't even had time to drink water on the way to the hotel.

With no time to elaborate on what had happened, Carl opened the door of the room and pushed Rachel inside.

Then he shut the door behind Rachel immediately. After that, he slid down, his back against the door. He was scared out of wits by what Hiram had done to himself. Thank God Rachel was here. He could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

He decided to find the woman who had caused this mess and teach her a lesson. It wouldn't be fair if she escaped from this without being punished.

Rachel found herself being pushed into the room by Carl, with no knowledge of what had happened.

But when she saw the situation in front of her, her pupils dilated in shock. Rage swelled up inside her chest all of a sudden.

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