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   Chapter 94 Hiram Was Drugged

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Rachel held back her tears and pulled her hands out of Hiram's grip before getting out of the car. "Carl, send him home. It's already very late. And I have to go back to sleep too, " Rachel said to Carl.

Carl nodded his head before turning to Hiram, who was still sitting in the car, and asking, "Cousin, shall we go home now? Rachel is going to go home and sleep."

Staring at Rachel's back through the window of the car, Hiram faintly answered, "Yes."

Carl heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to Rachel, nodded and said, "Rachel, thank you. If you hadn't come down, I might have had to wander in the streets."

"See you, Carl. Drive safe on your way back, " Rachel said and headed back to her apartment.

Hiram stared longingly after Rachel until she disappeared from view.

The next day, Hiram woke up with a splitting headache.

Feeling dizzy, he opened his eyes. He looked around and touched the other side of the bed but it was empty. Why did he feel as if Rachel had come back? Had he drunk too much and imagined things?

"Cousin, are you awake?" Carl brought him a bowl of porridge.

When Carl was near enough, Hiram pulled his arm briskly and asked, "Was Rachel here last night?"

Carl blinked his eyes and replied quickly, "Of course not, why would she come here? Cousin, you were so drunk last night that you were crying for Rachel. You probably dreamed about her when you were asleep."

Carl didn't tell the truth, because he had promised Rachel that if Hiram had forgotten what had happened last night, he would just let it be.

Hiram released Carl, remembering that he had seen Rachel last night after all. The alluring woman who had sung on stage had turned out to be Rachel. After she had left the bar, he had stayed there and kept drinking until Carl had come to bring him home.

But he had been too drunk to remember anything that happened after that.

At Streams Company...

"Mr. Rong, Miss Cassie called for an appointment with you again. What should I tell her?" his secretary asked. Hiram continued working in silence.

After marking a note on his document, he answered, "No problem, let her choose the place. I'll be there on time."

For the fifteen days since Rachel left him, Hiram had tried to keep himself busy. Sometimes, he worked late. If there was no work, he asked people out and stayed out late with them. He was afraid to be alone.

Before meeting Rachel, he had been alone for a very long time, so he had been used to it. But after living with Rachel for just a month, being alone was a torture, especially at night. He felt like he couldn't take it anymore.

He always felt empty inside...except last ni

erful that he was almost losing control.

Carl was standing outside the hotel room. When he heard all the noise, he opened the door immediately. "Cousin, what happened?" he asked anxiously.

"Send her away. Far away from H City. I don't want to see her anymore, " Hiram said. He clenched his hands tightly to control himself. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom, stepping right on the broken shards of glass.

"Miss Cassie, what have you done to my cousin?" Carl asked angrily, seeing that there was something wrong with Hiram.

Cassie didn't dare to look at Carl either. Her hands were still trembling. She said, "I wanted Hiram to like me, so I... So I put some drug in the wine to..."

"Drug? Oh my God. Why would you do that? How much have you put? And what kind of drug?" Carl asked. He couldn't believe that Cassie would do such a thing.

She always looked so gentle and tender, so how could she have done such a dirty thing?

Hiram was already heartbroken these days. How could he take any more torture?

"I put just a little at first, but it didn't have any effect on him, so I put in everything I had. And..." Cassie said, so frightened that she finally decided to come clean.

Anyway, they had already found out what she had done. If something bad happened to Hiram, she wouldn't be able to take responsibility for it.

Carl was too shocked to judge her. He pointed to the door and said, "Get yourself out of here and disappear."

Cassie murmured, "You'd better find a woman to help him immediately. If not, I'm afraid something bad will happen."

Then, too ashamed to stay there any longer, she left the room.

Carl waited for Hiram outside the bathroom for a long time before he finally came out.

"Cousin, are you okay?" Carl asked.

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