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   Chapter 93 Rachel, Hiram Misses You

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"In the early morning

You left me

In this lonely street

I know where I am

I just don't know where I should go..."

The singer sang these lyrics to a beautiful melody. The audience sat in pin-drop silence, mesmerized by her voice. They could almost feel her sadness.

Hiram squinted at the stage, but the singer was standing with her back to the audience. No one could see her face.

Hiram stopped a waiter who was walking past him.

Rachel was about to finish her song when a waiter walked up on stage and handed her a bunch of roses. "Ma'am, this is from a gentleman, " he said.

Rachel was a little surprised but she took the flowers. She looked around the audience but couldn't figure out who the flowers were from. She guessed that they might be from Celine.

When Rachel turned around, she was greeted with great applause and whistles.

No one thought that a woman so good at singing could be so beautiful at the same time.

Rachel smiled and bowed to the audience.

When she went back to her seat, all her team members got onto their feet to welcome her back. Everyone was surprised and impressed by her performance.

"Come on, you guys. I guess I just got lucky. Oh, right. Did you guys give me these flowers? Thank you!" Rachel sniffed the bunch of roses and put them on the empty seat beside her.

Celine shrugged and looked at Fiona and Michael. "Did you guys do that?"

They both shook their heads. "No!" Michael and Fiona exclaimed.

"Enjoy yourself, you guys. I wanna go to the bathroom. I'll join you later, " Rachel said, standing up. It would be a lie if she said that she hadn't felt nervous singing in front of so many people.

She stood in front of the sink in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Surprisingly, she wasn't blushing too much. She washed her hands and walked out of the bathroom only to find a man in his forties waiting there.

"Ma'am, may I have your phone number? You're a really good singer. Have you ever considered becoming a professional singer? You could be famous, " the man said, giving Rachel his business card.

"Thank you! But no thanks. Singing is just my hobby. I really don't think I want a career in it. Bye." Rachel had a bad feeling about staying here with the man, so she walked towards the exit without taking his card.


the bottle with you holding both of my hands?" she asked. Hiram finally loosened his grip.

She helped him sit up straight before opening the bottle of water and passing it to him.

Hiram drank it eagerly. He kept staring at Rachel, unable to figure out if she was really there or if she was just a figment of his imagination.

He seemed to have forgotten that he was still drinking water, and some of it spilled onto his shirt. Rachel took the bottle away from him and wiped his shirt with a piece of tissue.

"Rachel, is it really you? My wife?" Hiram asked in a husky voice, staring at her.

Rachel threw the tissue paper in the little trash can and said, "Nope, it's your ex-wife. I'm your ex-wife now. I'm only taking care of you because you're my ex-husband."

But Hiram wasn't listening to her. He said, "I'm so sorry, Rachel. I lost you..."

Rachel turned away and took a deep breath. She didn't want Hiram to see the tears in her eyes. "All right. Would you please go back home with Carl now? Your mom would be worried about you and she wouldn't want to see you like this!"

Hiram grabbed her hands again and kissed them. He tried to suppress the pain in his voice as he said, "Sorry, I know I've hurt you. And I am too embarrassed to ask for your forgiveness."

That evening... He would regret that evening for the rest of his life.

He regretted not controlling himself.

He regretted being so rude that there might be no chance of recovery for their relationship.

He regretted being impulsive and hurting her so badly.

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