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   Chapter 92 Encountered Hiram in the Bar

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"Mom, stop kidding. I'm serious. Look at you, sitting in a wheelchair. Do you really think I can leave you now?" Rachel cried out to Fannie. Yes, Fannie could go out in a wheelchair. But how would she use the toilet or go to bed, let alone cook for herself? Rachel could never forgive herself if she left her mother like that.

"Don't worry about me, my dear. Haven't you heard? The girl next door is out of a job, so she's free at home now. I can ask her to take care of me until I can manage things myself. I'll pay her. Listen, go back to H City and wait for Hiram. I'm fine, "

Fannie said to Rachel briskly. In the village, a good neighbor was better than a brother. The neighbors had been getting along well for dozens of years. They wouldn't leave her alone in her time of need, they would look after her.

Rachel took a seat beside her mom. She took Fannie's hand in hers and said gently, "Dear mom, nothing happened between me and Hiram. We're fine. Even if there's been a misunderstanding, we will talk it out. Would you please just give me a month? I'll stay here and look after you. Now, calm down and don't worry, please!"

"No way!" Fannie exclaimed. "Of course I'm worried about you, and I'll keep worrying as long as you're here. Think about it. You've been here for half a month already. Hiram hasn't come to see you. In fact, he hasn't even called you. I don't know what will happen if things go on like this." Fannie was quite stubborn. She shoved a pair of chopsticks into Rachel's hands and urged her to have lunch. "Stop talking. Finish your lunch quickly, and then make your way back to H City."

Rachel didn't know what to say. It was hard for her to explain her situation to her mom, and anyway, she couldn't tell the truth about it.

Fannie was already overreacting to the lie that Rachel and Hiram had quarreled. If Rachel told her the truth that Hiram and her were divorced, it would drive Fannie so crazy that she might even kill her.

Rachel sighed to herself. This was the most flavorless lunch she had ever had.

After lunch, Fannie urged her to pack her things quickly. The bus heading to H City would leave at half past one. If she didn't hurry up, it would leave without her.

Rachel had no choice but to follow what Fannie told her to do. She packed up her luggage and went next door. She asked the girl Fannie had mentioned to look after Fannie, and handed her some money.

Now that she had been kicked out by her own mother, she had nowhere to go but finally went back to H City.

It had been half a month since she left her apartment in H City. She spent the whole afternoon tidying it up, not realizing that it was getting dark.

She was sitting on the sofa in the living room alone. She tried to avoid looking at her bedroom, but everything that had happened that night kept playing in her mind slowly, like a movie. She wanted to get it out of her mind, but it just started over and over again. What could she do?

Rachel wanted to find something to distract herself from it. She took out her phone and saw a text coming from Celine, asking whether she had returned to H City.

Rachel texted her back right away, saying that she had come back to H City.

A few minutes later, Rachel got a call from Celine. "Hey, Rachel, we're missing you so much. You're just in time. We're at a restaurant now, the whole te

red her throat and said, "How does it feel? You married Hiram Rong. We want to hear something private. The more private, the better. Tell us, tell us!"

Hiram was the last person Rachel wanted to talk about. She opened her mouth only to find that she couldn't say a word, so she stood up and walked towards the stage.

It was clear that she had chosen to sing on stage instead of answering the question.

Rachel made her way through the noisy crowd with difficulty. She didn't even realize that she had grabbed a stranger's arm for a while.

When she reached the DJ, she asked them to play a song for her. They were pleased to help such a beautiful woman. Besides, it would improve the atmosphere in the bar.

The bright light turned soft, as did the music.

The light was focused onto Rachel's back. She seldom went up on stage, let alone sang in front of so many people. Even the time when she had hung out with Luke and Hiram, she hadn't opened her mouth to sing. The truth was, she wasn't that interested in music, but she knew a few songs.

She had decided to sing a melancholy one. She sat on stage with her back to the audience so that she could sing well without any distractions.

In the cold wind

You're holding me in your arms

All of those are my sweet memories

The warm light illuminated her hair while she sang.

The whole bar was silent in a moment, and people were either staring at her in awe or holding each other in their arms.

Rachel's voice was magnetic, with a unique quality to it. Her singing sounded more touching than the original singer's.

In a corner of the same bar...

Hiram was sitting there with his date for the night. When the woman on stage began singing, he was transfixed by her, forgetting to drink his wine. She was singing with her back to the audience, but he still couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"Hiram, shall we..." His date trailed off, feeling annoyed at Hiram being distracted by the woman on stage.

"Hush! Quiet, " Hiram murmured, shaking his head slowly. He was attracted to the singer's voice, and he wanted to listen carefully.

He had never heard Rachel sing before, so now he began to wonder why this woman sounded so familiar to him. Did he know her?

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