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   Chapter 91 The Awkward Call

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Hearing Fannie's words, Rachel sat up straight. She knew she had to give her mom an explanation now. She stopped smiling and lowered her head. "We had a big fight the other day and decided to separate for a couple of days to calm down, " she lied.

She had made up this story earlier when wondering what to say in case her mom kept asking about her relationship with Hiram. It would make sense if she said they had had a big fight and couldn't reach an agreement.

"A fight? Why did you two fight with each other? There must be a reason. Cheer up and tell mom the whole thing." Fannie was relaxed after hearing Rachel's words. All couples quarreled, it wasn't a big deal.

Rachel couldn't reply right away. She had prepared several reasons but all of them seemed so faint now. Her mom wasn't an easy woman to convince.

She had to find a reason strong enough that her mom wouldn't doubt it. But what could make Rachel stay in XH Village half a month without leaving, and without calling or mentioning Hiram?

What was the reason?

What was the reason...

Suddenly, an idea came to her.


Would it be weird to tell her mom about things that happened between Hiram and her in the bedroom?

Meanwhile, Rachel's silence was driving Fannie crazy. She kept tapping the table in front of her while staring at Rachel's serious face. Why was it taking so long for her to answer? Or maybe something had happened between Hiram and Rachel, just like she had always worried. Maybe it was hard for them to overcome some difficulties and they had decided to separate.

"My dear, did Hiram and you...?" Fannie asked, unable to wait any longer.

"Mom! No kid wants to talk about their secrets with their parents. But since you insist, I'll tell you." Rachel had made up her mind, but it was still really hard to talk about such things with her mother. She felt strangely embarrassed.

But if she didn't say something convincing, Fannie would definitely keep asking until the truth came out.

"What is it? Come on, my dear."

Fannie decided to get to the bottom of the matter. She couldn't understand why they would quarrel with each other. What made her sweet daughter put herself in such a position? Her mother-in-law was easy to get along with, their family was well-off, and above all, Hiram was good to her and respected her. What on earth was the reason? Why?

Rachel sighed and took a deep breath. "We were spending too much time in bed, you know. I couldn't bear it any more, so I gave him this excuse that you needed me to take care of you. Then, I came back here with you."

It took a second for Fannie to digest what Rachel had just said. Then, she burst into laughter. "Oh, my dear daughter, how could you? It is much ado about nothing.

How stupid you are! You're too young to understand. It's a good thing. Look, you've just gotten married and Hiram is in his twenties. Life is an adventure. You have to explore. You shouldn't make a fuss about nothing.

me and takes care of everything. I almost forgot that she is married to you! Thank you for your consideration. But since I'm getting better, I won't keep her here anymore. Come and take her home when you're done with work. I can manage myself. You both have your own life, " Fannie said, turning to look at Rachel.

The other end of the line was silent for a while. Then Fannie heard Hiram's voice again. "I'm very busy at the moment, and I don't know when I'll finish my work. Take good care of yourself, see you soon."

"Hold on a moment, Hiram! Rachel is here. Don't you want to speak to her? You two must have so many things to catch up on." Fannie tried to drag Rachel towards her and put her on the phone. Fannie hadn't seen them talking to each other for many days. Now that she was speaking to Hiram herself, she would regret if she failed to put Rachel on the phone.

Rachel shook her head and pulled away from Fannie. "Mom, he's busy now. Just hang up! I'll talk to him later."

"Fannie, look, I'm taking my lunch now. I've a busy afternoon ahead. See you later, " Hiram said curtly, before hanging up and handing the phone back to Carl. He looked at the girl with a big smile and continued with his lunch.

"Hiram! Hello? Hello?" Fannie shouted at the phone, but Hiram had already hung up. She sighed. The two of them hadn't gotten over the fight yet. What should she do?

She couldn't let things go on this way. Hiram and Rachel hadn't had a wedding ceremony yet. What would happen if they broke up just like that? A divorce?

The longer they stayed apart, the wider the gap between them would become.

They had been separated for half a month. What would happen if both of them didn't want to compromise?

"Rachel, come and have your lunch. You must go back to H City this afternoon. Hurry up, my dear." Fannie put the phone on table and looked determinedly at Rachel. She had made up her mind that she would do whatever she could to fix things between them.

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