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   Chapter 90 Women Are Ungrateful

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"Mr. Hiram, I discovered that Robin Leng and his gang were behind this plot, so I hired a bunch of thugs to deal with them. The matter has been properly handled, " Chad Rong said, finally breaking the silence.

Though he had handled the matter, he hadn't gotten the chance to report it to Hiram.

The century-old family enterprise owned by Hiram's family had inevitably made many enemies during its development. At times, some of their more desperate enemies, such as Jay and Robin, would rise and make aggressive moves against them.

But such things were no big deal to Hiram and his family.

Hiram wordlessly continued drinking his glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful view of the sea, as if he hadn't heard Chad. Every time he finished a glass of wine, he poured himself more and drank again. He had been continuously drinking wine the whole morning.

"Ah, Mr. Hiram, your mother has been trying to reach you on the phone. Would you like to call her back?"

Chad asked, seeing that Hiram hadn't replied.

He had to let Hiram know these things even if Hiram didn't respond.

Hiram's family was a big and complicated family that thrived on its enormous and century-old family enterprise. Although Hiram was averse to employing his relatives who were born with silver spoons in their mouths, he selected some of his talented and capable relatives to enter the Streams Company.

Among them were Carl and Chad.

Hiram finished his drink and, out of the blue, asked, "Chad, tell me. Are all women ungrateful?"

"Huh?" Chad answered in astonishment. He was surprised by Hiram's sudden question. A few seconds later, he said, "Not exactly, there are still many gentle and considerate women."

His girlfriend was such a woman. She was much better than those short-tempered women. She never fought with him, and was always gentle with him.

However, Hiram was living in a different environment from him.

As Hiram's family was very popular in H city, he had been surrounded by women since he was a little child. And more and more women began to gather around Hiram as he grew up. Maybe outsiders couldn't understand why Hiram couldn't find the right woman, but Chad could.

Hiram seldom dated someone. And even when he did, the relationship wouldn't last long.

The women who could remain by his side were either easy to get along with, or capable of working efficiently for him.

"Really? Why do I feel she is ungrateful no matter how kindly I have treated her?" Hiram asked, before refilling his gla

them a ride, she could pretend that her relationship with Hiram was still as good as ever.

After all, she knew Fannie's temper well, and it wasn't the appropriate time to tell her about the divorce. If she got angry after hearing the news and hurt herself, things would become worse.

The two of them went to XH Village and stayed there for another half a month.

But as time went by, Fannie started noticing something strange. Although Rachel looked after her every day, she never phoned Hiram

Or even mentioned his name.

One afternoon, when Rachel was busy making lunch, Fannie couldn't hide her suspicions any longer. She said, "Rachel, stop right now. Sit down. I want to ask you some questions." Sitting in her wheelchair, Fannie looked at Rachel, who had just come back from the kitchen with some flour on her face.

Rachel wiped her hands on her apron and sat down. Although she had had to do many tiresome chores like washing, cooking and cleaning for the past few days, she felt very content.

"What is it?" Rachel asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Rachel, you're my daughter, but you're also Hiram's wife. Can Hiram stay alone while you're looking after me in this old house?" Fannie asked, carefully observing Rachel's face.

Although surprised by Fannie's sudden question, Rachel answered with a smile on her face. "Mom. You're my own mother and you're injured now. Who will look after you if I don't?

Hiram? He can't stop me from staying here with you. Even if he arranged someone to come and look after you, I would still feel worried."

Fannie pounded her fist on the table and shouted, "Tell me the truth!"

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