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   Chapter 89 Three Days

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"Hiram! If you touch me one more time, I will hate you for the rest of my life!" Rachel shouted, staring with fear at Hiram who looked as fierce as a wolf. She kept stepping backwards. She had never seen Hiram get so angry before.

"Will you? Then hate me. I don't care......"

Hiram said in a cold voice. He suddenly stepped forward, lifted Rachel and threw her on his shoulder. Thereafter, he walked in big strides towards Rachel's room. He slammed the door with a big bang behind them.


Rachel was in pain. She had never felt such a pain in her life before. She stared at the ceiling blankly. Although Hiram had already left, the hurt that he caused on her body lingered. It kept reminding her of what Hiram did to her.

She thought that this pain would stay with her for the rest of her life. She knew it was hard to erase off this day from her memory.

It was so painful. Earlier, Hiram was careful and gentle in doing that. Even if it pained a little, it was immediately overwhelmed by his tenderness and love.

But this time, She felt pain not only on her body, but also in her heart.

"Ouch." Rachel touched her red and swollen lips with her finger. She found that there was a tiny wound on her lips and it was bleeding. The kisses from Hiram were irresistible and he kissed her just too hard. She guessed that this was not the only bruise on her body. There must have been more.

Rachel gave a bitter smile, 'He must have thought that was his last time to do that thing, so he treated me in such a brutal manner.'

Even without looking at her body, Rachel knew that there must be hickeys all over her body right from her neck to the feet.

That was the person Hiram really was.

He was callous and ruthless exactly as how he used to be when she met him for the first time. All this while, his true callous self had been concealed under his fake tenderness which had blinded her and captured her heart these days.

Rachel's mobile phone rang and immediately snapped her out of the trance. She cleared her mind and answered the phone.

"Rachel, why didn't you come to see me today? Is everything fine? Are you all right?" Fannie looked outside and took a glance at the dark sky, thinking whether what she said yesterday was too much for Rachel to handle.


Hearing that, Rachel was confused. She looked at the clock on the wall. What was wrong? She did go to see her mother today!

Then she looked at her mobile phone and found out that one whole day had already passed, and it was the evening.

"Rachel? Rachel, are you all right? Why don't you answer me?"

Fannie was now worried about Rachel. She asked Rachel over and over again, not knowing what had happened.

Rachel was suddenly back from her faraway state and came to her senses. She realiz

it did happen. No matter how things began and developed, that is how we are now. So Hiram and I have broken off our relationship." Rachel said while pointing to the bus that was coming over. She said, "I got to go. The bus is here."

After saying that, Rachel walked in the direction of the bus, leaving Carl behind. Carl was shocked at the thing she just told him.

Rachel didn't take the bus in such a hot day to save money. There were a lot of cars in Hiram's house, so Rachel didn't have to buy a new one. Now she didn't know which kind of car to buy in such a short time.

"...... But...Rachel! Do you know where Hiram is right now? We couldn't reach him by any means. My aunt is very worried about him!" Carl shouted at Rachel who was walking towards the bus.

Seeing Rachel walking hastily toward the bus and completely disregarding what he asked, Carl stamped his feet anxiously.

In all these years, Hiram rarely cut off contact with them except when he was in an extremely bad mood. Even in those cases, he usually came back after a day or two of relaxation in places away from his busy life. After all, there were so many companies of the Rong family which needed Hiram to be in charge.

But this time, Hiram couldn't be reached for three days.

And there were no news about him!

In the Streams Garden

Hiram sat relaxed on the blue, European styled carpet. Watching the ebb and flow of the tide outside the French window, Hiram held a wine glass in his hand and drank slowly.

Hiram looked into the distance with no aim. There was nothing in his eyes but blankness. Whether Hiram was looking at the ocean or the blue sky was unknown. The man standing behind Hiram didn't know what he was looking at.

He wondered what was so good outside the window that kept Hiram busy.

Hiram had been looking outside the window since the morning.

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