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   Chapter 88 Divorced Or Not, You Are Mine

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In the Streams Company, Outside the office of the Chief Executive, Carl said to Rachel, "Rachel, Hiram is still occupied with his work. He will come and find you as soon as he is done with his work." Carl stopped Rachel as she was about to break through into Hiram's office since there was an official meeting going on inside.

"Carl! You'd better let me in. I have to see Hiram immediately." Rachel pushed him away. When she was just about to push the door to go in, the door opened from inside.

Three managers came out, but they walked straight towards the elevator without looking sideways. It was pretty clear that Hiram had instructed them to do that.

"Carl, let her in." Hiram shouted from his office.

Rachel pushed the door and went in the office directly. Hiram immediately got up from his chair and walked towards her. He softly said, "Rachel, sorry it's been a very busy day today. Why are you so anxious to see me? What's the matter?"

Rachel stopped in front of his desk, without taking another step forward. She stared at him right through his eyes concentrically.

"Give me the divorce agreement, " Rachel said.

Hiram took a few steps toward her and stopped right in front of her. He stood very close to her and looked deep into her eyes. He glanced at her as the spring sun bathed her. As a reflex, he lifted his hand to play with her soft long hair. "What's the hurry? You're already my wife. Are you afraid I will go back on my words?"

"Since you will not go back on your words, show me the divorce agreement right away." Rachel continued. Rachel kept looking at him motionlessly. Not until this moment that she realized that this man was lying. Strangely, he lied so calmly.

Did that mean that, in the future, if he ever wanted to hide anything from her, he could easily succeed in it?

She was still uncertain on how to reply to what Lydia said a moment ago.

But after she thought it through, things were not really good.

Last time when they were in Hiram's study, he was supposed to take it out then. However, then he said that it was in his office. Hiram's memory was superb. It had been acknowledged by Joanna more than once. How could he forget such an important thing?

This time, she was not allowed to enter his office for various reasons. It seemed like he didn't want her to come here at all.

All these coincidences really made her suspicious.

Had that divorce agreement really been submitted?

Had she been divorced already?

However, before Lydia told her that, she was foolishly thinking that she was in a happy marriage!

Hiram's silence further aggravated her suspicion. The long-endured tears in her eyes tilted down. At that moment, even her last line of defence disappeared completely.

"Hiram, tell me. Are we divorced?"

Rachel asked again with every bit of strength left in her. It seemed as if she would just break down into pieces the very next second.

Hiram took a deep breath. His eyebrows wrinkled tightly. He slightly looked dow

felt that he was a supercilious and self-conceited man.

Did he really think that she wouldn't be able to live without him?

'Indeed, let's just find out who isn't able to live without whom, ' Rachel thought.

Hiram was now getting irritated by her words. As long as he was with her, he always suppressed his temper. He was afraid that she might be hurt if he ever lost his cool on her. But now he realized that all his efforts were totally denied by her.

"Rachel, don't you ever forget that divorced or not, you are and will always be mine. That 100, 000, 000 dollars was paid to buy the rest of your life but not just one month of your life." Hiram said in an angry tone.

He was thoroughly enraged. He tried his best to comfort her, but she did not accept any of his explanation. Rachel was just not ready to forgive him. Since this woman had a heart of stone, why should he suppress himself to protect her?

"Mr. Rong, you finally reveal who you really are, don't you? Any way, these days, all your efforts to get me have not been in vain, have they? Since you have already got what you want, it's time for you to let me go now." Rachel was a stubborn person who never thought to retreat. Ignoring the anger in Hiram's eyes, she said.

Hiram snorted coldly, and his lips were grinning emotionlessly. "Would it be so easy for you to just take my money and leave as and when you want? Let me tell you, you'd better drop that thought." Hiram answered.

As he spoke, he approached her abruptly. He was full of rage and went up to her and hugged her tightly in his arms. "You are mine. You are my woman, whether we are divorced or not!"

As Hiram removed her shirt, she felt a sudden chill in her body. Realizing what just happened, she covered her body with one of her hands and slapped Hiram on his face with the other hand.

As Hiram was slapped unexpectedly, the anger in his eyes gradually rose to a flame of fire.

At this moment he completely lost his cool all because of this woman.

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