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   Chapter 87 She Was Divorce

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Rachel was about to go in but she was stopped by the assistant at the door.

"Miss Ruan, excuse me, our President is busy at the moment. Would you like to wait in the lounge for a while?" The assistant looked at her with embarrassment.

Rachel looked at the closed door of Hiram's office. She took a few steps and said, "Well, then tell him, I am going to the hospital. That way he can concentrate on his work."

Since he was busy, it seemed unnecessary for her to wait. She didn't want to distract him from his work.

"Alright, Let me help you get in touch with Carl. He will drop you off at the hospital." After saying so, the assistant called Carl to arrange a car.

Then Rachel left.

At the President's office, Hiram was speaking with someone on the phone.

"OK, Chad. You must try to sort this out. Such an incident cannot happen again."

After hanging up the phone, he looked at the door, slowly shutting his deep and sorrowful eyes.

Hiram wasn't afraid of Rachel's interference. Instead, his mind was preoccupied with the divorce agreement that had already been submitted.

He didn't know how to tell her about that.

If he told her about that, he wasn't sure how she'd react. He was afraid of her temperament.

At the hospital, Fannie could not walk because her leg was in a lifted position and it was also not easy for her to roll over. The movements she could do were minimal, so after lying for such a long time, she was getting bored.

Rachel helped her in wiping her body. She said, "Hang in there, dear mom. According to the doctor, you can move a little bit within a month's time. After that you won't feel so uncomfortable."

"Well, I am OK, dear. But the idleness that surrounds me these days is driving me crazy. You know, I had never been so idle before." Fannie took the towel in Rachel's hand and wiped herself.

"I am also just like you, isn't it? Mom, to be honest with you, I am a little jealous of dad. Dad used to be calm and relaxed as he mostly stayed at home." Rachel spoke to her, while she fetched a comb from the drawer. She sat behind her mom to help her comb her hair.

Fannie smiled. What Rachel said reminded her of Simpson who liked to raise cats and grow flowers. Every day, he would spend hours taki

hat they thought.

"Rachel, I should apologize to you for what happened. It was my fault. I shouldn't have acted on impulse."

After listening to Rachel, Lydia understood that Rachel didn't know anything yet. To make matters worse, she said, "However, this means that there is something wrong between you and Hiram. If my brother really likes you, there will be no divorce agreement. Am I right?"

Lydia's words shocked Rachel. She slowly held her hands. "What did you say just now? Divorce agreement?"

"Yes, don't you know about the divorce agreement? Oh, so you are not aware that you and Hiram have divorced now." Lydia noticed that Rachel's words were full of confusion, so she asked with surprise.

"Rachel, my brother Hiram may be kind to you. But that's only an illusion. You don't really know him.

The type of girls Hiram likes is totally different from you. Do you think he will spend a lifetime with you?"


The atmosphere turned quiet and still.

Rachel felt that the sky and the earth were spinning. Panting, she held a telegraph pole by the side. She could not believe what was being said on the other end of the phone.

What on earth did this mean?

How did Lydia know about the divorce agreement?

And she even told Rachel that she had been divorced!

"Taxi, Streams Building."

Rachel came back to her senses and anxiously hailed a cab.

She needed to ask Hiram what had happened and why she didn't know anything about it.

Even Lydia knew about this.

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