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   Chapter 85 Patrick Yan

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"No problem. Okay then, I will send you the invitation card. I'll look forward to your presence!" Hiram smiled and firmly grabbed Rachel's hands. His gesture felt like a generous compliment to her.

Rachel didn't know that such concerns were the exact reason why Hiram had disapproved of their marriage in the beginning.

The future Mrs. Rong of the Rong family wasn't a flower that could only stay in the greenhouse.

Being Hiram's wife wasn't easy. Only a woman with a powerful background or rich experience was cut out for this title. Otherwise, it was nearly impossible to meet his expectations.

"One thing is for sure. No matter what happens, even if the world went to pieces, I would still attend your wedding!" Patrick laughed. He was sitting far from Hiram, and he raised a toast to Hiram.

Hiram smiled, but he didn't utter a word. He clinked glasses with Rachel and asked her, "What's going on? I thought you wanted to have a few drinks…"

Rachel took her glass of wine to take a sip and murmured, "What I wanted was to drink with you, just the two of us and no one else."

"Alright then, when we reach home, if you still want to drink something, I will join you." Hiram smiled and whispered into Rachel's ears.

Patrick was sitting across them. He kept glancing at the couple, especially at Rachel. He remembered that earlier Hiram didn't use to have an emotional connection with women.

When did this woman become a part of the Rong family?

To his surprise, Hiram was being really nice to her.

The gathering was almost over but Rachel couldn't stand the stifling atmosphere anymore. So she excused herself to go to the bathroom but, instead she went outside to relax for a while.

Hiram was a powerful man, and Patrick seemed no less either. The two men made Rachel feel so stressed out that she couldn't breathe.

Rachel was standing in front of a window. It was a little windy, and her long hair was fluttering in the wind. She stretched herself and took a deep breath of fresh air.

However, when she turned around, she found a man standing in the corridor and looking at her, with a cigar in his mouth.

When she figured out who the man was, Rachel stepped back out of instinct.

"Are you scared of me? I thought you were a brave woman considering you married such a powerful man like Hiram. I don't think you need to keep your guard up in front of

id, "Rachel, let me tell you. The Rong family does have many enemies. But only a few of them could compete with the Rong family."

Patrick Yan could be counted as their biggest and the most competent competitor. As for the rest of them, they were not a real threat to the Rong family.

"The Rong family's fame and status can't just be challenged by some random person! Even Patrick Yan would not dare to challenge the Rong family in public. He might use some tricks, and that's all he can do. I don't think he could do anything beyond that!"

Listening to Carl, Rachel blinked her eyes. She pretended to be regretful and came into Hiram's embrace, "What can I do, Hiram? It seems like I am on a pirate ship, and I can't get off now."

What if she was kidnapped or blackmailed again in the future? She might lose her life easily!

Hiram couldn't help but laugh on Rachel's words. He said, "Alright then, I will sign the divorce agreement when I get it. And you will be free."

Rachel's face immediately turned gloomy. She stared at him, "You did it on purpose. It seems like you are eagerly waiting for me to divorce you!"

Then, Hiram lifted her chin and kissed her.

"Yes, you are on my pirate ship! And there is only a one-way ticket. Once you get on, there is no way you can get off!"

Hiram's strong voice could be heard in the whole car. And every single word he said had been listened clearly by Rachel.

Carl was driving smoothly, but he hit the brakes suddenly.

Rachel got startled when Carl said, "Hiram, a van has blocked our way. Let me get down to check it out!"

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