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   Chapter 84 Hiram's Popularity With Women

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"Mr. Rong, you are an extraordinary man. Wherever you go, you get all the attention. So many women run after you. How can you bear with that?" Rachel sat at the bar, looking at the man sitting beside her and said enviously.

Rachel was invisible to the women lusting after Hiram. They brazenly winked at Hiram as if she was not there.

With a glass of wine in his hand, Hiram called Carl to come and pick them up later. After that, he looked at her, and spoke with his thin lips lifted and smiled bitterly, "Being with me, you will get used to it very soon."

Hiram had become accustomed to the attention and coquetry. No matter how hard those women tried to seduce him, it never worked.

Rachel drank another glass of wine and then went to the washroom. When she came back, she was so shocked to see the scene in front of her.

She saw Hiram surrounded by a bunch of women. They were different types, fighting to have a drink with him. What's more, when he wasn't noticing some of them placed something in his pocket.

His eyes revealed that he was running out of patience. He rarely came to such public places, instead, he preferred to go directly into the box.

"Honey! Can you please come here. I have lost something. Please come here and help me in finding it. Hurry..." Rachel tried to recuse him out of those women. She shouted at him loudly. Then she bent down and turned on her cell phone's torchlight. She was pretending to be looking for something.

As soon as Hiram saw her, he pushed aside the women surrounding him and strode straight to her.

"Honey, I have lost my earrings. Please help me to find them my dear." Rachel looked at him and spoke anxiously as if she had, in fact, lost her earrings.

"Were you wearing your earrings today? I don't remember seeing them." Hiram asked her while he held her shoulders and started moving toward the stairs. He knew she was pretending. As he took her upstairs, he said, "We can't enjoy here. Let's go up and drink!"

As they walked up, Rachel placed her hand in his pocket. She had noticed those women when they put something in his pocket. She was curious to know what they had passed on to Hiram.

Rachel felt something in his pocket. She took it out and was shocked to see what those women had left for Hiram.

Inside there were dozens of visiting cards. Besides the printed ones, there were also some hand written cards with their contact information on them. They had shared all their names, addresses and phone numbers.

As soon as Hiram saw the visiting cards, he snatched them from her hands and threw them into the nearby garbage can. Then he showed his VIP card to the server who came by and said, "Prepare a VIP room for us and make sure it is peaceful and quiet."

Rachel took a glance at the garbage can while stroking Hiram's arm. She asked, "Did you throw all of those cards? I hope you won't regret that later? I saw some of those women. They were drop dead gorgeous. Why didn't you..."

Before she finished her sen

et that you are not lascivious towards women. Who is this woman? I'm curious to know more about her. I'm worried that you might be having a special relationship with her. Is it true?"

Hiram was in no hurry to reply, but his eyes flicked gently towards Rachel who sat beside him. Although the words were not clearly stated, she understood his meaning.

"Nice to meet you, Mister. I'm Rachel. I'm Hiram's... fiancee." Rachel stood up as she spoke and went over to take a bottle of red wine which was in the waiter's hand. The corks was already opened, so the wine poured out as soon as the cork was pulled.

She poured two glasses and took one of them to Patrick by herself. "Mister, for our first meeting, let me welcome you and let's raise a toast, " Rachel said.

Patrick took the wine which she had poured for him with a surprised expression on his face. A moment ago, when he had looked at her, he had noticed that she was a little afraid of him. But now, the fear seemed to have disappeared. The woman recovered very quickly.

Almost every woman he met was afraid to see him, and some even said that he seemed to devour people.

"Oh? That is really a big surprise for me. Mr. Rong, when are you planning to hold the wedding? Don't forget to invite me." Patrick said to Hiram, but he kept his eyes fixed on Rachel and drank the wine in one fell swoop.

Rachel was planning to ask him to take a sip first, but now, it seemed she had to bottom it up as well.

'To that man, the wine is just as same as water, ' Rachel thought.

After drinking, she turned back towards Hiram, feeling a little relieved. She knew what Hiram meant. Sometimes, she could not act frightened. Otherwise, she might have ended up humiliating Hiram in front of others.

Especially, in front of his opponent. Hiram hoped that his woman would be able to undertake any challenge by herself. He didn't want his partner to be some one that could only hide behind him.

A woman like that would only become his weakness.

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