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   Chapter 83 The Past Was Raised Once More

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"Hey, Rachel, "

Hiram acknowledged her presence. He looked at her face and felt the tension mounting. The cigarette in his hand had already burnt to its butt. He had forgotten to smoke.

Rachel looked at him as he stood outside the playing area. She hadn't heard anything, but she felt something was wrong with him.

"What is going on with you, Hiram?

Are you hiding something important from me?"

Hiram seldom revealed his true emotions. He was always calm. He never allowed anyone to discern what was going on in his mind. However, now Rachel had a suspicion that something terrible had happened and he was trying to cover it up. Was that just her instinct?

"Yes, yes. There are lots of things about me that you don't know about. I can tell you one by one if you're interested, honey." Hiram smiled at her. He reached out and placed his hands around her shoulders. Together they walked towards the house.

"What do you mean by saying there are lots of things I don't know about?

I don't care the least bit about the things that happened before we got married. I just care about the things that are related to us, understand?"

Rachel murmured. It sounded like Hiram was holding something from her and it concerned their relationship. She wondered if something had happened and it went unnoticed by her. She was baffled.

After having dinner at the Rong family's house, they were heading home. Rachel thought it was still early at night and decided to go to the hospital instead. She wanted to see her mom. She also brought her something delicious to eat.

Hiram wasn't going to work for the past two days, and his phone was constantly ringing. He had told his fellows not to call him after eight in the evening, even if the sun had risen again in the night.

They didn't want to risk their job. Thus they had to call him before eight to ask his opinion on business-related matters.

When they arrived at the hospital, Hiram was busy answering his work calls, so he went to the garden outside. He needed some time outside to deal with the matter at hand.

Rachel didn't wait for him. She went straight to Fannie's ward. She wanted her mom to taste the food she had brought before it got cold.

Just as she raised her hand to knock on the door, she heard someone talking inside. Did mom get a visitor? She figured she should wait for a while. She was turning back when she heard her name being mentioned. She put her ear on the door out of curiosity.

"Fannie, is it true that Rachel is married into the Rong family?

I heard the news, but I couldn't believe it. Is it really true? You agreed to marry your daughter into the Rong family."

It was a woman's voice. It sounded that she was elder than her mom. It seemed that the woman was an acquaintance of her mom. But the conversation sounded quite strange to Rachel. She had never heard this voice before, a

but to stand up and leave. She glanced at her mother and lowered her head, "We're going home, mom. I'll come and see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams, see you tomorrow."

When they left the hospital and went to the car, she wanted to say something but didn't know how to start.

Hiram saw her hesitation and said to her.

"I know what's on your mind. It was clear that your mom didn't want to talk about that matter anymore. You must stop when she's not comfortable."

Rachel leaned against the seat back. She was frowning and thinking. She said to Hiram after a while, "My instincts tell me that my mom is hiding something from me. I am sure about it!"

Hiram laughed and said while holding her hands, "You are overthinking everything these days. Think about it. Earlier you thought that I am hiding some information from you and now you are feeling that your mom isn't telling you something. You seem to be suspecting everything around you, dear."

"I am not!" Rachel bit her lip and replied. She pulled her hands out of his and said to him, "Let's go and have a couple of drinks, shall we? I remember there is a bar across the street."

Hiram raised his eyebrows slightly and answered without any hesitation, "No problem. Let's go."

Suddenly, he remembered Luke's suggestion.

The idea was ridiculous. But since the moment was right and she had already taken the initiative.

He decided to use the opportunity and try.

Rachel wasn't used to going to bars, and she seldom went there. She remembered the most memorable time was when Anya brought her to one.

The moment Hiram and Rachel entered, everyone turned around to catch a glimpse of them. Of course, most of the onlookers were women, and they were attracted by Hiram's good looks.

He was at the center of all attention.

Wherever he made his appearance, he was the focus of all attention. People couldn't restrain themselves from admiring him.

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