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   Chapter 82 Luke's Idea

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Lydia couldn't accept the fact that he was married. She missed him and so she went to his room and accidentally stumbled upon the key.

Hiram didn't speak on the other end of the line, Lydia shouted, "Hiram, I know you don't love me. But I also know that you don't love that woman either. Otherwise, why would you sign the divorce agreement!

I admit I was being too emotional at the moment. I saw you have already signed it, so on impulse, I...... But, I don't think I did anything wrong. You would divorce her even if I hadn't done anything!"

Hiram closed his eyes wistfully. While clenching his fists, he roared, "Lydia, you'd better stay in the U.S, and don't come back without my permission!"

After hanging up, he called Luke.

"What? It's shocking news! You didn't tell me that you have signed the divorce papers !" Luke was scandalized by the news; he knew nothing about it.

"Stop this nonsense!Use all your connections to check the progress. If possible, terminate the process and withdraw the agreement!" Hiram said impatiently. He didn't have the time to tell him all the details.

Luke nodded and answered him, "okay, I'll do it right away. Why did you sign the agreement? By doing so you have shot yourself in the foot!"

Hiram was too upset to talk, so he hung up without responding.

Moments ago, he opened the drawer and found that someone had moved his stuff, because the photo albums were placed in reverse order.

As expected, he didn't find the divorce agreement after thoroughly rummaging through the drawer.

He didn't tell Rachel what had happened, because he knew that it would be a big setback for her.

Rachel was chatting with Joanna in the living room. They were arranging flowers.

The more time she spent with Joanna, the more she felt her mother-in-law was knowledgeable. Joanna had quite a few interesting hobbies, including flower arrangement.

"Rachel, is your mother feeling better? I want to visit her tomorrow. She must be getting bored staying at the hospital all by herself." Joanna asked as she snipped off a leaf and started to arrange a bunch of tulips.

"She was feeling a little better when I visited her last time. In fact, she said that if you are not too busy, she would love to spend more time with you." Rachel said and handed a lily to her.

safety issues in advance. Rachel couldn't help saying, "It seems your mom is eager to have a grandson, same as my mom. She also urged me today."

When Rachel was enjoying sitting on the swing, Hiram's cell phone rang.

When he saw the name of the person who was calling, he went out of the playground to answer the call.

"Luke, what about the divorce agreement?"

"Congratulations! Hiram, you are single again! Both of you have signed the agreement, and the court has accepted it. Now you need to go to the Civil Administration Bureau and get the divorce certificate when you are free!"

Although it was a bad news for Hiram, Luke couldn't help playing a joke on him. Hiram seldom encountered setbacks, so maybe it was a good lesson for him.

Hiram's heart sank, as his biggest fear was about to come true.

"Listen, Luke! You'd better keep your mouth shut. If you leak this information, I'll kill you!"

"I know, you don't want to divorce Rachel, right? Lydia was jealous and she wanted to take you away from Rachel. I have an idea, do you want to hear it?"

Luke tried to help him out.

"Come on!" Hiram lit a cigarette and pushed him.

"You can get Rachel drunk, then prepare a marriage agreement and ask her to sign it. If she is unwilling to sign, her fingerprint would also work."

Luke thought his idea was not bad.

Hiram snorted disdainfully and said, "I am not that childish!"

Then he hung up.

When he turned around, He suddenly found Rachel standing behind him. He hadn't realized that until just now.

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