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   Chapter 81 The Divorce Agreement Disappeared

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"You've arrived just on time." Rachel had just come out of Fannie's room and seen Hiram standing at the gate. She glanced at the watch on her wrist. It was exactly 2:00 pm. He had come to pick her up at the exact time they had agreed on.

"I've always been punctual, " Hiram replied with a smile. He took Rachel by the hand, leading her to the car.

As they approached the car, Rachel saw Carl sitting in the driver's seat. She leaned forward and sniffed Hiram's jacket. Then she asked, "Have you been drinking?"

She knew Hiram. He always drove the car on his own unless he was drunk or there was a special circumstance.

"Just some red wine. I drank only one glass, and even that can't escape from your sharp nose, " Hiram said, putting his hand around Rachel's neck and giving her a kiss on the lips.

Rachel blushed at the sudden kiss. She pinched Hiram's arm to stop him. His young cousin was just beside them. She wasn't accustomed to kissing in front of a single young man.

But it seemed that just one kiss couldn't satisfy Hiram, because he gave her another one before letting her go. Then they got into the car. "Carl, do you want several days off? Then you'll have time to find a girlfriend, " Hiram said jokingly to Carl.

"Don't make fun of me, cousin. I'm too young to get a girlfriend right now. Besides, I think girls are nothing but trouble. I prefer to live my life free and alone, " Carl replied.

As a handsome young man, it wasn't hard for Carl to find a girlfriend. Many women had tried to hit on him. But, maybe being affected by his cousin, Carl wasn't a man who could easily fall in love. That was why he was still single. He was waiting for the real deal to appear.

Rachel seethed when she heard Carl's opinion about girls. Then she turned to Hiram and asked, "What does he mean by saying that girls are trouble? Hiram, I bet you think I'm troublesome too, right?"

This wasn't a question that Hiram could answer easily. If he just answered yes or no at once, she might think that he wasn't taking it seriously. So he pretended to think for a while before saying, "I did think you were troublesome at the beginning, but I've gotten used to it. Now it's my honor to be troubled by you!"

This was a skillful answer. The first part of his answer had made Rachel furious, but what came next had immediately cooled her down and made her happy. "Honey, it's so nice to hear you say that. Carl, you should really learn how to talk to a girl from your cousin."

"Call me 'honey' again. I like it when you call me that." Hiram looked at Rachel affectionately. She usually called him Hiram. But the word 'honey' coming from her sounded so sweet.

Carl focused on driving, pretending to hear nothing.

He had noticed that the coupl

, he gave her a kiss on the lips and said, "Honey, trust me this time, okay?"

"Okay. I trust you. I'll go and see if mom is awake." Rachel grazed her lips with her fingers. Lately, Hiram had grown fond of kissing her. He kissed her whenever he felt like it.

She stood up, tidied her dress and walked outside.

Once Rachel left the room, Hiram's face turned grave. He stood motionless in front of the book cabinet, lost in thought..

Then he walked to the desk and picked up his phone. He called Lydia, who was in the US at the moment.

"Hello, Hiram?"

It was the middle of the night in the US, so Lydia had been sleeping when the call came. But one look at the name flickering on the phone had been enough to jolt her awake.

"Lydia, did you come into my room when I was out?" Hiram asked her coldly.

Servants came to clean up, but they wouldn't dare touch anything that they shouldn't put their hands on. Somehow, the copies of the divorce agreement that had been locked up in his private room had disappeared. Lydia was the only person he could think of who would have had the chance to take the agreement away.

"Hiram, what are you talking about? I don't understand why you're asking. I've never been to your room without your permission, " Lydia said, but her faint and shaky voice betrayed her.

"Yes or no!" Hiram shouted into the phone. Except for Lydia, no one would dare come into his room and rummage around.

Hiram had never been so mad at her. "Yes. I went into your room and found the divorce agreement, " she finally admitted.

"Where is the agreement right now?" Hiram asked in a low voice, trying to control his anger.

"I was so glad to see the divorce agreement that a sudden impulse came over me. I saw that the date signed on the agreement was drawing near, so I sent it to the... to the court."

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