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   Chapter 80 A Visit To The Hospital

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It was quite late at night. There were bright stars scattered all over the night sky, twinkling and twinkling..

Rachel didn't dare to move or even blink her eyes, in case she would miss even the tiniest expression from Hiram.

"If I didn't love you, I would have brought out the divorce agreement long ago instead of keeping it locked up in the cabinet the whole time, " Hiram said.

He stared at Rachel intensely. He couldn't pinpoint exactly when he had fallen in love with her. It was a mysterious feeling that he wasn't familiar with.

Maybe he had fallen in love with her when she had protected him from the stone.

Or maybe he had fallen in love with her when she had made breakfast for him.

Or maybe he had fallen in love with her when he had heard that she had been kidnapped and the news had scared him deeply in his heart. At that moment, he felt afraid of losing her.

Without saying anything, Rachel leaned her cheek on his shoulder and put her arm around his waist, enjoying the moment of peace. It didn't matter when or how, she was glad that the result was the same: Hiram loved her.

And fortunately, he finally took her physical condition into consideration and did nothing to her. In the tranquil night, he embraced her and they both fell asleep.

The next day, early in the morning...

Rachel had had a pleasant sleep last night. Once she woke up, she made porridge along with a few delicious dishes and placed them inside the insulated lunch box. She was going to visit Fannie, her mother, in the hospital.

Hiram was already in the living room waiting for her.

As soon as she finished, they walked to his car and got in together. "I'm having lunch with my friends this afternoon. I'll come and pick you up as soon as we're finished. Then we'll go back to our parents' home, " Hiram said.

"All right. I was planning to go there too." Rachel looked at the back seat where they had kept the insulated lunch box to make sure everything was in place, then she put her seat belt on.

She wanted to go back to the Rong family's house so that she could destroy the divorce agreement. She was afraid that someone might find it.

When they arrived at the hospital, Rachel saw that Uncle Nico was already there in her mother's room.

"Good morning, Rachel, I'm glad to see you here." As soon as Uncle Nico saw her, he stood up and took the insulated lunch box from her. "I haven't seen you in quite a while, " he said. "You've become more beautiful."

"Good morning, Uncle Nico. How are you?" Rachel asked. She hadn't expected to see Uncle Nico there so early. But when she saw his familiar and kind smile, her dislike for his daughter Mandy reduced a little.

"Mom, I've made you some p

nie shook her head and turned her eyes to the window. Outside, the sun was shining brightly. She replied, "I am used to my life now. For my whole life, your father was and will be the only one I love. I will not marry anyone else. Otherwise, I'll be too ashamed to see him after my death, " Fannie said, immediately wiping off the tears that had fallen from her eyes.

Even though it had been so many years since her father passed away, Fannie couldn't help but cry whenever he was mentioned.

Rachel knew that the love between her father and her mother couldn't be erased even by death.

"Rachel, if you really don't want me to be alone, you should give me a grandson or a granddaughter as soon as possible. I won't be lonely then, " said Fannie, wiping her tears and patting Rachel's shoulder with a smile on her face again.

This stunned Rachel a little. Then, with a smile, she answered, "Even if I have a baby, Hiram's mother will take care of it."

"So what? I can move into your mother-in-law's house. I can even become your nanny, if necessary, " Fannie said strongly, raising her voice.

Rachel was amused by this sudden burst of emotion from her mother. She held her mother's hand and said, "Now that the birth policy in our country allows couples to have two babies, maybe I can have two so that you can each take care of one baby."

"That would be a great idea! Both of our families can take care of one each. Or it would be even better if we can take turns to take care of them, " Fannie replied, immediately grabbing onto the idea.

As they talked, Rachel had peeled the apple. She gave it to her mother and said, "Mom, that's enough. Here, please have an apple now."

Time flew by when they were together.

In the afternoon, Hiram arrived at the hospital to pick Rachel up just on time.

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