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   Chapter 79 Finally Watching Hiram’s MV

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Rachel didn't remember herself regretting something as much as she did in this situation. At this moment she felt like someone who went out for wool and came home shorn.

What made her feel more frustrated was the fact that she had to pay a double penalty.

She went there questioning Hiram's actions and doubted he was with another woman. But it turned out that she played herself into his hand and did exactly what he wanted. She came in willingly and wanted to leave desperately.

Later Hiram told her he never liked that idea of hanging out with girls. It was nothing but a waste of his time. Therefore, when the girl named Alice knocked on his door, he didn't even bother to open it.

But his wife really surprised him. She came here herself. He certainly wouldn't give up on this opportunity, instead, he planned to enjoy it. As might be expected, he had a really good time back there.

Hiram didn't bring Rachel out until late in the night, and they left from the back door. There were still lots of women waiting to see him under the stairs.

"Hiram, take me to the hospital, I want to see my mom and stay with her tonight." Rachel said to him while they were on their way home. She lounged in the back seat with a cushion under her head and her legs on Hiram's lap. She looked like a lazy cat.

Rachel felt more tired than ever before, and she hardly had the strength to rise on her feet.

She wanted to run away and get some rest. Instead of going home, she preferred staying at the hospital. Though the bed there was too small for her to stretch her legs, it was the perfect place for her to get some sleep alone. She and her mom could chat with each other the whole night.

Hiram looked at her weary face and felt a little guilty. He grabbed her sore legs and began to rub them, "Trust me. I can restrain myself, and I won't let anything happen again."

Carl pretended he didn't hear what they were talking about and drove the car steadily. He tried hard not to burst into a laugh.

His cousin's sexual appetite was insatiable, and so his wife was worried, that she wouldn't get enough sleep with him.

But there was nothing wrong about it. They just got married and still needed time to get used to each other.

Right at that moment, Rachel's phone rang and broke the awkwardness. Rachel struggled to get up and reached for her phone.

It was a text from Luke.

The last time they had met, she had learned from him that Hiram was featured in an MV before. She begged Luke to send her a copy and left her Wechat ID with him. It must be about the MV.

Yes, it was, it was!

Rachel got excited and couldn't wait to watch it. But she realized that Hiram was sitting with her, so she calmed herself down. She put her phone back and closed her eyes again.

She didn't realize that all her movements were being noticed from the tail of his eye. He pretended that he hadn't seen anythi

consumed, nothing more.

"Afterwards, she kept asking me out or showing up at my apartment, until the job was done. That day the whole staff gathered together for a celebration. The whole staff was having dinner, and she got a little drunk. To everyone's surprise, she came to me and announced that she loved me in front of everyone. She said she wanted to marry me, and blah blah blah."

Rachel listened quietly and until then, she felt sour in her heart. But she couldn't help asking, "What happened later?"

"Later? I was embarrassed, yet I told myself to be nice to a drunken lady. I took her arm, and we went outside. I asked her to stop talking like that. I had no feelings for her and I treated her like any other person in the crew. She said she didn't believe what I had said. From that day, she came to my company every day, and I saw her waiting at the door every morning and evening."

Hiram reached for the water bottle on the table and took a sip of water. He had always hated clingy women. The women he appreciated were considerate and would leave more space for him. The movie star was a fool, and the more she tried, the further he was.

"I feel so sorry for her. She had done everything in her power to go after you, how could you refuse such a woman who had such a big crush on you?" Rachel said from the perspective of a woman. If she had been going after a man regardless of her dignity and had been turned down in the end, that would have broken her heart.

Her thought was interrupted by Hiram flicking on her forehead.

"Stupid thoughts! Have you ever thought about how much suffering I would have gone through If I had lived with a woman, who I didn't love?" Hiram was rubbing her head. His darling wife failed to consider his feelings. He was her husband now.

"Then, I get to ask you a question now. Do you, do you love me?"

Startlingly, Rachel raised her head and looked directly into his eyes.

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