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   Chapter 78 Hiram's VIP Room

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"Hiram Rong? Are you referring to the CEO of the Streams Company?"

"Yes, exactly. He's in the private VIP room upstairs. I've heard that our boss has sent Alice over there!"

The two masseuses were gossiping.

"Really? Has Alice gone there in person?" The masseuse, who was massaging, seemed very surprised. "Alice is the best masseuse here. Many customers fancy her massage, but she always declines their request."

"I've heard that two days ago, a young man belonging to a rich family drove here in a sports car to propose marriage to her. His car's trunk was filled with several bouquets of roses."

"Such kind of men are no match for Mr. Rong. Mr. Rong is a wealthy and successful man. Even if nothing happens between them, Alice is still very fortunate to get a chance to massage him, " the other masseuse retorted.

"That's right! Do you think its possible for Alice to be in a relationship with Mr. Rong?"

"I don't know. I've learned that Mr. Rong's marriage was arranged when he was very young. A while ago, there was a rumor that the girl that his family had chosen for him was, in fact, an employee of a small company."

"I think it doesn't matter. He is so handsome and wealthy that he can certainly have several women at the same time. After all, he isn't married yet!"

Rachel listened to the two masseuses' conversation. She pulled the curtain down. After a short while, her masseuse came over to her.

The masseuse, who was working in Rachel's room didn't engage in idle gossip. She only asked Rachel about the uncomfortable parts of her body.

She was more well-mannered than the other masseuses in the public massage area outside.

Rachel felt much better after the masseuse gave her a relaxing massage to unwind her muscles.

"Wait a minute. I want to go to the bathroom, " Rachel said abruptly. Perhaps she got tired after lying down for so long.

"Okay. The bathroom is at the end of the corridor." The masseuse stopped the massage and helped Rachel put on the bathrobe.

Rachel thanked her and left.

She walked up to the end of the corridor. When she was about to enter the bathroom, she saw several women gather under a stairway outside. They all were customers who were wearing the same bathrobe as hers.

Rachel had no idea that Hiram was as famous as a superstar in H City. He was a wealthy man, and he seldom accepted any interviews, so he was perceived as a mysterious man.

looked at Rachel pensively.

The masseur left and closed the door.

"Tell me. Why did you come here? Don't you trust me?" Hiram sat cross-legged on the massage couch. He was wearing a white bath towel.

Rachel glanced at the luxurious room which was equipped with TV, AC, and topnotch furniture. Without answering him, she asked, "Why are your massage rooms better decorated than ours? Are men treated better than women here?"

She didn't know that this place wasn't exclusive to women. Other places like this one were also designed in a similar style.

Hiram tilted his head and wore a smile on his handsome face. "You have seen what I'm doing here. Do you trust me now?"

Rachel still didn't answer him. She glanced at the flowers on the table and then touched the little goldfish in the fish tank.

"You even have some aquarium fishes here. My room is too boring with its artless decoration. It's unfair."

"You don't want to answer my question? It seems that you have recovered well. Are your legs still aching?" He stood up from the massage couch.

Suddenly Rachel was startled. She quickly moved away from the fish tank and walked towards the door. "I just came to your room to have a look. I didn't intend to do anything else. You can continue enjoying your massage. I should leave..."

However, Hiram had already walked up to the door before she reached it. Folding his arms across his chest, he leaned against the door and stopped her from leaving the room. He had an attractive smile on his handsome face.

"There is no rush. In fact, I want to tell you that you're here at the right time."

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