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"It was easy to guess. Of course, there is no problem. In the small company where you worked, yours is the most competent team. If all of you leave that company at once, it is bound to go bankrupt soon." Hiram said as if he had foreseen everything.

"I have a proposal. Would you like to hear it?"

Rachel nodded, she was eager to hear the proposal.

"How about I offer funds to help you set up a company of your own. My company handles plenty of businesses. Some of them are trivial, so they don't need the attention and involvement of many people. But nevertheless, they have to be done. I think you people would be suitable to do those tasks."

Hiram said calmly.

Some important clients were dependent on their company, so many tasks, big and small, were thrown in their charge. The relatively smaller tasks were too easy for them. They were supposed to do the challenging tasks. However, the small ones also had to be done.

If there existed a team like Rachel's, it could get them out of this dilemma and could save a lot of time for them.

Rachel thought about that proposal for a moment and considered it workable. But then she worried, "If we branch out on our own, what if something goes wrong and we can't..."

"Objectively speaking, you'll still be the employees of my company. I will bear the responsibility if anything goes wrong. So you don't need to worry about anything."

Hiram said with full confidence.

Besides, if she were made a leader, there would be gossip in the company, and he wouldn't be able to control it. Then Hiram wouldn't be able to manage his employees well. But if she ran a company of her own, no one would gossip about her.

Rachel marveled at Hiram's ability, 'The decisiveness of this man and his competence to come up with an idea in an instant couldn't be equaled by ordinary people.'

She just mentioned it casually. She hadn't mentioned this before at all. But Hiram managed to cook up a perfect idea in such a short time.

Rachel picked up a piece of roast meat and hurled it into her mouth. Then she stared at Hiram, "Well, are we going to find an office room outside the company?"

Hiram shook his head.

"Don't bother. There is an empty office room in the company building. The room is large. I was planning to rent it out. Now you could use it. I will register a separate company for you. You could also adopt the joint stock system. You are free to decide what you want."

But there was one thing that Hiram didn't mention.

That office was right under his office room. It would be very convenient for her to see Hiram.

Rachel felt it necessary to think over this idea. This was undoubtedly in her best interest because that way she could earn more money than she did with her present job. Besides, it would give her more freedom. She wouldn't take orders from her superiors like the manager and t

rkers didn't have a relationship with Fannie.

"Rachel, everything is fine. I had the intravenous drip just now. I am going to sleep." The way Fannie spoke made it obvious that she had recovered a bit.

"Mom, I'm sorry that I didn't come to see you."

Rachel said with guilt.

"Rachel, you are my daughter. I know exactly how you feel. I heard that Hiram purposely took three days off for you after he came back from a business trip. He did that to keep you company." Fannie said with delight. She continued after a second, "He took time from his busy schedule at work only to accompany you. That precisely indicates how much he cares for you. So you must accompany Hiram with hearted devotion. If you still feel sorry for me, you'd better hurry up and give me a grandchild. Then all my illness will be gone!"

Rachel listened, muttering in her mind.

She also wished to have a baby as soon as possible. In that way, she wouldn't have to bear the endless 'torture' for at least ten months.


Hiram was cunning. He was prudent with birth control. He said that he wouldn't make Rachel pregnant for at least one year.

Hiram had just started to relish the sweetness of sex. He wouldn't let it go so quickly.

After the call with Fannie, Rachel got up from the massage bed. The woman masseuse said that Rachel could only start the second round after twenty minutes of absorption. Rachel felt her neck was a little sore from lying.

Rachel lifted the curtain and peeked outside. That place was only for women. All the masseuses over there were women too. So there was no need to worry about security.

"Hey! I heard a breaking news just now! I was told that Hiram Rong would come here tonight!"

Rachel heard three customers lying on the massage beds and two masseuses standing beside them were discussing Hiram ardently. She pricked up her ears to listen carefully to their conversation.

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