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   Chapter 76 Mom Is In Hospital

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Rachel quickly went up to the doctor and asked, "Doc, how is my mom doing now?"

"The surgery was successful. But the effect of the anesthesia hasn't worn off yet. You can go in and see her now, " The doctor said as he walked out of the operation theater.

Rachel ended her inquiry and went straight into the room. When she saw Fannie lying on the bed unconsciously, with a pale face, she felt vulnerable, her legs started shaking, and she fell backward.

Hiram was silently watching Rachel from behind. He quickly stretched out his arms and caught her just in time. "I don't think you should be looking at her in this state. Let's revisit her after she has been transferred to the ward."

Hiram held her shoulders and took her outside into the corridor. Fannie was still unconscious. Rachel would get distressed if she continued to see her mom in that state.

Outside the in-patient building, at the garden's promenade, Rachel rested her head on Hiram's shoulder while they were sitting on a bench. Rachel looked at the ground absentmindedly. She was immersed in her thoughts.

She really detested coming to the hospital.

Many years ago, her father was also unwell and admitted into a hospital. He kept lying on the bed in a ward, being unable to move or speak. Gradually, his condition became worse, and he died in the end.

Now, her mother was also lying in the hospital bed just like her father did at that time. Rachel felt extremely distressed to see that.

As Rachel recalled the sad memory, she couldn't restrain her tears from casting down her face. Hiram furrowed his brows as he felt his shoulder got wet. He lowered his head and saw Rachel weeping silently. He felt his heart ache upon seeing her tears and comforted her, "Rachel, don't cry. Your mom has hurt her leg, but her life isn't in danger. She'll be fine."

"I know, but... I just couldn't bear seeing her suffer from any pain. My mom always pretends to be strong in front of people. She managed to bring me up all by herself. I...I got worried by seeing her pale face..." Rachel sobbed.

Hiram took a deep breath after he heard her brokenhearted words. He gripped her hand tightly and said, "I understand your emotions. We'll go to visit her when she wakes up. Please, stop crying now."

Hiram tenderly wiped off the tears from the corner of her eyes. He lowered his head to kiss her forehead. He didn't say anything else but silently clung to her.

After some time, Carl came over to them and said, "Hiram, Rachel, Mrs. Ruan is awake now."

Carl's words instantly brightened up Rachel's sad face. She jumped up with joy and quickly strode towards the entrance of the in-patient building.

Hiram's sadness i

eg and just needed to rest for some time. Her condition was far better than the other critical patients in the hospital.

"Fine." Rachel nodded and finally relaxed a little more after Hiram's comforting words.

"I would love to have a buffet!" Rachel said. She was in a hurry that morning and didn't have the time to eat anything. Then after she came to the hospital, she argued with her aunt and taught her a lesson. She kept worrying about her mom until noon, so she was starving by now.

Hiram smiled and said in a pampering manner, "Okay, it's up to you."

Then, Hiram escorted Rachel to get in the car. He asked Carl to drive them to the most exquisite restaurant for buffet in H City.

The table was soon placed with all kinds of dishes that Rachel loved to eat. Since Rachel sat down on the chair, her mouth didn't stop for a second.

She kept eating the food until she was nearly full, and then she stopped to drink something and have a break. She suddenly asked Hiram, "Oh, right. I forgot to ask your opinion on something."

Hiram picked up a slice of meat and placed it on the barbecue oven. He raised his head to look at her and asked smilingly, "What is it?"

"You asked me to work in your company, right?" Rachel thought of her conversation with Celine two days ago.

"Yes. So what's your decision?" Hiram asked as he placed the baked meat on Rachel's plate.

Rachel hesitated. She asked cautiously, "If I go to work in your company, can I also bring some people to work with me?"

Without thinking about it, Hiram asked, "You want to bring your whole team A, right?"

"How did you know that?"

Rachel asked with surprise. She was debating how to put forward her request. After all, it didn't sound quite reasonable to bring the whole team to work in his company.

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