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   Chapter 75 Three Days Leave

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The summer night was studded with twinkling stars and a crescent moon added to its beauty with its jade-like glow.

While Rachel was eating her food, she glared at Hiram, who was sitting opposite her in a night robe.

Hiram took a sip of his soup, then he looked at Rachel and asked, "Why are you staring at me?"

Rachel couldn't help laughing. She felt so exhausted that she couldn't feel her legs anymore. And Hiram was asking her why?

"I'm so tired that I can not even walk. So, I am wondering if you would let me sleep when we go back to our room." Rachel asked softly.

Hiram nodded without any hesitation. He said "OK, I am also a little bit tired. Maybe we can continue tomorrow. There is plenty of time anyway."

Rachel's hand quivered when she heard Hiram's words. She thought to herself 'Continue.... tomorrow?

So, Hiram has taken three days leave just because of this?'

Rachel felt that her body would be injured if she continued to stay with Hiram.

If she stayed with Hiram for three more days, she wasn't sure if she would be able to see the sun of the fourth day?

After Rachel finished her dinner, she finally went to her bed. She was so tired that all she wanted was to get some sleep.

Hiram kept his word that night. He just embraced her and fell asleep, without doing anything else to her.

Hiram knew Rachel was too tired, perhaps that was why he refrained himself from having sex with her that night. Hiram's restraint behavior also moved Rachel. Although Hiram was very terrifying when he went wild, he was also a man of honor.

However, the next morning before Rachel got a chance to get out of her slumber, Hiram started making love with her again. That woke up Rachel and she started scolding him.

She was...

Very sleepy...

To her relief, the phone started ringing over and over again. The caller wasn't going to give up till someone picked the call.

Hiram knew that this would only happen when there was something urgent. Therefore, he reluctantly took the call.

"You'd better have something important to report, or else I'd advice you not to come near me at least for a month, " Hir

mother, "

Rachel said coldly. She was really disappointed to meet such relatives.

When Vicky saw this, she rushed towards Rachel and pushed her. Then, she yelled, "Rachel, how dare you abuse my mother like that.

If you don't acknowledge my mother as your aunt, I won't treat you as my sister."

Rachel laughed coldly. Like mother, like daughter. She was such a shameless daughter who was trying to help her mother cover mistakes.

"I want to say the same thing to you. I treated you as my sibling, but you were plotting to compete with me over my husband. Now, my mother is injured by your mother, all because of you. You are indeed, your parents' good girl."

Rachel retorted. Just when she stopped arguing with them, she noticed that Hiram was standing behind her. Then, Hiram said to her, "It's OK. Don't be so sad. I have checked with the doctors. Your mother's leg is broken. She will be fine after a few weeks of rest."

While Hiram was speaking, he ran his fingers through her wild hair. He placed one arm around her shoulders and began to walk towards the other side of the room with her. Then, he said, "Carl, please escort this family out of the hospital. In the future, I don't allow them to come near Rachel and my mother-in-law without my permission."

Carl nodded. He called the security straight away without even talking to that family.

After half an hour, The operation room's door was opened.

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