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   Chapter 74 I Want To Have My Dish

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Colin Ruan's body was stiff with fear. He slowly stood up from his seat and caught a glimpse of Hiram's furious face. He was so appalled that he wasn't able to utter a single word.

Next to Colin, Selina Zhou was also so frightened that her face had gone pale. Trembling, she stood up and pulled Vicky's arm.

Vicky was a timid woman, and now she was scared by Hiram's furious face. With a pair of high-heeled shoes on her feet, she hardly could stand firm with her trembling legs.

The three family members held each other's arms as they slowly left the table and staggered towards the door. It was such an odd scene.

When Vicky was walking past Hiram, she couldn't help but raise her eyes to glance at Hiram's handsome face again. Instantly, Vicky received a sharp and cold glare from Hiram, which was so horrible that it made her lose her balance. She fell toward the floor, spraining her ankle in the process.

"Vicky!" Selina wanted to steady Vicky, but instead, Vicky pulled her down and they fell onto the floor together.

One of Vicky's high-heeled shoes was broken. The heel of the shoe had flown a few inches away. Vicky wanted to pick it up, but she felt too awkward to do it.

Selina was so ashamed that she didn't raise her head at all. She held up her daughter and limped out of the room.

Carl Fang shook his head and asked the waiters to come and clear the mess.

He sighed, watching that ridiculous family finally leave.

He thought that there were three kinds of people in the world.

Some people were clever and knew how to behave properly. Some people were not clever, but they still knew how to behave properly.

And then there was the third sort, like that family: people who were neither clever nor knew how to behave properly.

As Rachel's close relatives, they might be able to benefit from the Rong family's wealth if they had behaved well and tried to support Rachel. However, they had tried to replace Rachel with their own daughter and ruined a promising future for themselves.

They were more than stupid!

In the private room of the hotel

The atmosphere was very awkward. Rachel took a deep breath and pulled on Hiram's sleeve. She said in a low voice, "Hiram, about what happened today, it was my fault. I didn't tell you beforehand.

If you want to punish me, you can do as you like. I promise I won't retort or fight back."

The fury in Hiram's eyes slowly subsided. He turned to Carl, who had just come back to the room, and demanded, "Carl, put this family on the blacklist!"

"Yes, Mr. Rong, " Carl immediately replied. He gently closed the room door.

This was the first time that Rachel had h

shining like the bright sun.

The rays pierced into his eyes, and touched his heart.

This picturesque scene was permanently etched onto Hiram's memory. He wouldn't forget it for his entire life.

Right before he totally lost his control, he came to the realization that he had picked a great alluring woman after all, it was just that she had always hidden her allure so deeply.

It wasn't until the evening when Rachel finally walked out of the bedroom. She was already starving. All the energy she had gotten from her lunch had been used up.

However, as soon as she stepped out of the bedroom, the man inside immediately shouted, "Rachel, where are you going? Come back now!"

"I'm hungry!" Rachel protested discontentedly as she wrapped the quilt tighter around herself.

But before she could step onto the staircase, Hiram had already strode up to her. He carried her on his shoulder and said, "I have arranged for someone to prepare dinner. It should be ready in two hours."

It would take the cook some time to come and get everything ready. He estimated that dinner would be ready in two hours.

Two more hours was just enough for him.

Hiram slammed the door. Looking at the closed door, Rachel felt so helpless. She had to endure his torture for two more hours.

She suddenly asked, "Hiram, tell me the truth. Is it true that you've never had sex with another woman?"

"Yes, it's true. Can't you feel it?"

" doesn't seem like it's your first time. You seem to be so experienced."

"I think you should ask the two great-grandfathers of the Rong and Ruan families. Ask them what kind of enchantment they put on me."

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked, perplexed.

Instead of answering her, Hiram responded with a passionate kiss.

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