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   Chapter 73 You Three Get Out

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The table was laden with food.

Hiram was the first one to start eating without hesitation. But even though he was so arrogant, he was still perfect in the eyes of Colin and his wife.

"Hiram, I'm Simpson's brother. An uncle of mine didn't have a son, so I was adopted by him. But in fact, Simpson and I are biological brothers, " Colin said, biting the bullet and starting the conversation since they were all eating in silence.

Hiram responded with a curt and low murmur. Then he continued to eat without even raising his head.

"Hiram, this is my daughter, Vicky! Colin often told me that the great-grandfathers had decided on the marriage between the Rong and Ruan families a long time ago. We didn't have the fortune of fulfilling this decision before, but things are different now, "

Selina said, pinching Vicky so she would raise her head. She continued, "Now we have two girls in the Ruan family. Both are pretty, especially my daughter, Vicky. Look at her, she has blossomed into a breathtakingly beautiful lady."

Rachel restrained herself from letting out a laugh. Despite knowing that they had come to try to get Vicky married to Hiram, she still found the whole situation funny.

She had never seen a mother commending her daughter like that before.

Rachel gave Hiram a nudge and said, "My aunt asked you to look at Vicky. You should look up and have a look, just one look."

Hiram glanced at Rachel with a resigned smile. His eyes followed the direction in which Rachel was looking. When he saw the shy expression on Vicky's pretty face, he nodded and said, "You're right, she is beautiful. Rachel, you have a good sister."

Colin knew that Hiram rarely gave compliments, so when he heard him complimenting his daughter, Vicky, he straightened up proudly and nudged Vicky to remind her to do as they had planned.

Vicky shyly kept her head down and stood up when her father winked his eyes at her. She poured a glass of wine and walked around the table with it towards Hiram.

"Hiram, I'm Vicky. I'd like to propose a toast to you." Vicky gazed at Hiram's handsome face. A closer look at Hiram made her realize that his face was attractive and dignified without any flaws.

Her heart started pounding all of a sudden, and her hand, which was holding onto the wine glass, starte

. These people are really fun, ' he thought.

They were talking in such a brazen way.

"But almost all parents with daughters in H City must have the same thoughts you have. They all want me to marry their daughters. However, my grandfather told me that Rachel, the daughter of Simpson, was the one he selected to be my wife, "

Hiram said calmly.

Hearing that, Rachel also looked at Hiram.

She hadn't known that before.


"Besides, I fancy the wife I have now. I remember when my grandfather told my fortune for me. He said that we were born to be husband and wife and that she would make my career more successful, " Hiram said, gazing at Rachel with deep affection in his eyes. Rachel felt like he was talking directly to her.

"Hiram, my daughter Vicky could also bring you a more successful career, " Selina said, standing up spontaneously.

But the response she got from Hiram was, "Get out. Don't forget to close the door behind you." He had finally lost his patience with them. How dare these shameless social climbers have the intention of marrying their daughter to him? They were overestimating themselves, unaware of how stupid they were.

"Hiram..." Colin and Selina pleaded, like a pair of dying fish making a futile attempt to gasp for the last breath.

"Get out of my sight now!"

Hiram grabbed the tea urn beside him and smashed it onto the ground with a bang. Carl, who was standing at the door, walked into the room immediately and said to the three of them, "You three, please get out!"

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