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   Chapter 72 Being Tricked By Rachel

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The more she thought about it, the more Fannie realized that Rachel was smarter than those three people.

Like Mother, like daughter. She was just as smart as her.

Rachel noticed that Fannie finally understood her plan, so she held her arm and said, "Let's go. I will deal with everything at noon tomorrow. Now let's go and buy some clothes."

"I won't go with you. I already have a lot of clothes. I don't need new ones. You should buy some for yourself! And remember! You need to wear stunning clothes tomorrow. Got it?" Fannie reminded Rachel. She was always reluctant to spend money on shopping.

"Mother, I'm a rich woman now. Please give me a chance to buy something for you." Rachel pouted and pulled her mother out of the restaurant.

Rachel went back to the villa shortly after she finished shopping with her mother.

Then she called Carl and told him to book a private room for lunch.

Later, she asked the servants to clean the house and change everything that needed to be changed.

She also stocked the fridge with fresh food.

The truth was that she didn't like going out for food. She preferred to prepare food herself, whenever possible.

After everything was done, she felt exhausted. So she took a shower and went to sleep.

The next morning, she was woken by Selina's phone call.

At first, she wondered how Selina got her phone number. Then she realized that she had sent the hotel's address to Selina via her phone yesterday. That's how Selina got her phone number.

"Rachel, I just want to confirm the hotel's address with you. Is it correct? Don't deceive me." Selina was worried that Rachel was playing a trick on her.

She doubted whether Rachel had deliberately given her the wrong address to put them in an embarrassing situation.

Rachel touched her hair, rolled her eyes and glanced at the ceiling. "Aunt, believe it or not. I gave you the correct address."

After she finished talking, she hung up the phone. She wanted to get some more sleep since it was still quite early in the morning, but she became wide awake after getting disturbed by Selina's call.

She got up to freshen up and get dressed.

Rachel changed her clothes. But suddenly she came up with something. She went towards the wardrobe and fetched a sexy red lace underwear.

She hesitated

se, " he said, Hiram made his way to the hotel after he got out of the plane. He entered the private room, and with a sullen gaze, he glanced at the four people inside before he took off his sunglasses.

He had presumed that only Rachel would be present in the room.

Suddenly he felt that she had tricked him.

"Hiram, you are here." Rachel stood up with a smile and walked up to him.

She didn't tell Hiram that Colin, Selina, and Vicky would also join them for lunch, because she didn't know how to tell him about it.

But Hiram was good at acting according to the circumstances, so she didn't have to worry about it.

"Um. I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long." After he finished speaking, Hiram took off the sunglasses and looked calm again.

In order to quickly adapt him to the situation, Rachel immediately began the introduction, "Hiram, this is my uncle, aunt, and Vicky, their daughter. They came to H City several days ago. Today we'll have lunch together. I wanted to take a chance to introduce them to you."

Hiram sat beside her. With a gleam shining in his eyes, he smiled while hearing Rachel's introduction. "Nice to meet you, " he greeted.

He only uttered these words casually. He didn't even address them by their names.

"Honey, have you ordered the food? I'm starving, " he said while looking at Rachel. He seemed uninterested in the other three people sitting in front of him.

Upon hearing him, Rachel glanced at the three of them secretly. She smiled and then asked the waiter to serve the food.

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