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   Chapter 71 She Will Wait And See

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Rachel's cheeks blushed like a ripe apple. She bit her lips unwittingly. She spoke in a sensual voice, "Fine, I will take a shower and wait for you in a sexy dress. I remember Anya picked one for me last time and she said I might need it someday. I will put it on. Can you imagine how I'll look like in it?"

Hiram was writing something with his pen at that time. He suddenly stopped after hearing Rachel's words. Jesus! Her soft voice was so tantalizing that it made him want to go home right away. He swallowed a couple of times to calm himself down, and finally said to her, "Ok, wait for me."

Hiram quickly hung up before she continued to speak. He took a deep breath and wondered since when did his innocent Rachel become so naughty.

Or, perhaps she had learned this from him.

Over the past few days, he was trying really hard to get her out his mind so he could concentrate on his business. Those few words from Rachel made him go back immediately. Only Rachel had this kind of an effect on him.

Rachel heard the beeping sound coming from her phone and knew Hiram had hung up. She still had a lot to say, "He's so boring. Why did he hang up the phone in such a haste?"

She stretched lazily and put the photo back. She put her phone on the table, kicked her slippers off, went to bed and buried herself under the sheet.

The next day was here.

It was ten o'clock in the morning, and Rachel was watering the flowers in Joanna's place. Suddenly her phone began to ring. It was her mom's call.

"My little darling, we are going to have lunch with Uncle Colin this afternoon. We are meeting at the Yan's Restaurant at Huaihe Road. Get dressed and hurry up. Come over as soon as possible!" Fannie urged her.

There were three people in Uncle Colin's family, but Fannie had no one but herself. Thus she called her daughter to join her. She needed a backup.

Selina was the kind of person who always spoke her mind. If things didn't go on as she expected, she would speak in the most hurtful manner. Fannie wanted Rachel's presence there so she would not feel embarrassed.

"Ok, mom, I get it. Relax. I will be there on time." Rachel said as if nothing had happened and she continued watering her plant. It was a beautiful daffodil in its full bloom.

Today, Rachel already had a plan, and she was sure that uncle Colin would be unable to cause any trouble.

But tomorrow, she knew things would be different, and that was the real show she wanted to see.

At Yan's Restaurant.

Fannie played the hostess, and all kinds of delicacies were ordered and placed on the table. Colin and Selina were sitting opposite her while Vicky sat between her parents.

Fannie looked at her watch several times and looked at the door impatiently. She wondered what made Rachel so late.

"My dear sister-in-law, what on earth wo

make your reservation, please let us know the room number."

Rachel gave them a big smile, "Of course. I will tell you right away after making the reservation."

Vicky glanced at her cousin and wanted to say something to her. But she didn't have the courage to even look into her eyes. Her face was flushed as if her first love was awakened. She followed her parents and left with her head down.

After they had gone, Fannie was upset.

"Rachel, my dear daughter, have you lost your mind?

I am ready to sacrifice my own life to make your marriage work. But what did you do? You are introducing your cousin to Hiram for a date! Are you crazy? I wonder if you are insane!

Hiram is your husband now, and no one can change the truth. Are you going to find a second wife for your husband and share him with another woman? That's so generous of you, isn't it?"

Rachel didn't feel hurt, and she just listened quietly. Until her mother said what she wanted to say, Rachel took a seat beside her and spoke slowly.

"Mom, have you ever thought about it? If they don't get a chance to meet Hiram, Uncle Colin will always believe that Vicky can replace me and marry Hiram. They will do what they can to make it happen. Why shall we wait for them to go behind our back, why not give them a chance?

Mom, you are underestimating Hiram. Born in such a wealthy family, he has seen girls far more beautiful than Vicky."

Rachel sipped her tea and continued, "Speaking of other girls, you have met Lydia, right?"

Hearing what her daughter said, Fannie suddenly realized that was true. Lydia might be naive, but she was really a beauty in all aspects. Compared with her, Vicky looked just so-so.

Living together with such a beauty for so many years, Hiram didn't fall in love with her, so she couldn't imagine him being attracted to a girl like Vicky. She thought too much of herself.

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