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   Chapter 70 You Are My Dish

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'Rich men are usually found to be ugly and fat. However, the man in the photo is quite handsome, and he looks like a star, ' Vicky thought to herself.

Rachel followed her gaze and saw the picture. The family photo was taken when Hiram was a junior student in the college. He looked really charming and glamorous in the picture.

"Yes, exactly. He is your ... cousin-in-law."

Rachel answered with an emphasis on the word "cousin-in-law".

After Vicky's inquiry, Colin and Selina also gazed at the family photo, and when they saw the man in the middle, They couldn't help admiring: What a handsome man!

"Sister, where is Mr. Rong?" Rachel felt quite surprised that the timid Vicky would ask such questions.

"He is on a business trip, and he will be back after a couple of days." Rachel answered with a gentle glance at Vicky. The expression in her eyes was fairly similar to that of Mandy's.

'Oddly enough, I haven't seen Mandy for some time.

Young and lively girls tend to like wealthy and handsome men.

It isn't shameful. But it would be disgraceful if they still insist on pursuing those men even after knowing that they already have a wife, ' thought Rachel to herself.

"Uncle, aunt, and Vicky, please stay in H City for a few more days. So that you can attend my wedding." Rachel invited them with a smile, while completely ignoring their surprise.

"What... What are you talking about?" Colin was amazed. 'What does it mean? Are they going to get married?'

Selina shook her head with inconceivablility, she stood up immediately and said, " Are you kidding me? I find it hard to believe that Mr. Rong will marry you."

Even Vicky looked at her with uneasiness.

"What's wrong? Aunt, are you opposing our marriage? Unfortunately, your words don't mean anything as we already got our marriage certificate a month ago. So this is not only the Rongs' house, but also mine."

Rachel said calmly. Then she stood up and stretched, "Uncle, if you don't have anything else to discuss, let's call it a day. Maybe we can meet later. Besides, I am really tired after a whole day's work."

Selina stood there in a daze until she was pulled out of the house by her husband.

And before Vicky left the house, Rachel said to her, "Vicky, I am telling you this b

l heard his voice, she suddenly felt that the fortress in her heart collapsed. She discovered that she missed him immensely.

"What are you talking about? If there's nothing urgent that requires your attention, why would I call you?" Rachel said stubbornly, but the laughter in her voice betrayed her.

Hiram held the phone with a smile, "Wow! Then I really want to know, what on earth is so urgent that forced you to give me a call."

Rachel fiddled with his picture and said, "When will you come back?"

"Why do you want me to go back? Are you lonely?" Hiram laughed lightly; he put down his pen to listen to her.

"I want to ask, when will you come back and marry me..."

Rachel bit her lip and asked after a deep breath. She could feel her heart pounding. But the other side kept silent for a while, which made her more nervous.

"Hey. Hiram?" She shouted. 'Are you there?'

"What's wrong. You can't wait to be my Mrs. Rong? Erm... It depends on your performance after I am back. If you make me happy, perhaps we can have the wedding the next day."

"Hiram, answer me honestly, when will you be back?" Rachel poked Hiram's face in the photo. 'You are really a bad guy. Always joking with me, can't you just answer my question?' she thought.

"The day after tomorrow. The plane should be there by noon. Then we can have lunch together." Hiram finally answered her question. Then he added, "Remember to wash and dress yourself well before I arrive there. You know, you are my most important dish then."

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