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   Chapter 69 Scramble For A Husband In Rong's House

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"But I don't want to make you feel obligated to do anything. Please just answer me honestly. My question is, are you going to work in Hiram Rong's company in the future, or are you going to stay at home and be a full-time housewife?" asked Celine.

Without hesitation, Rachel answered frankly, "I like keeping myself busy with work. If no other companies employ me, I'll consider working in Hiram's company."

Rachel absolutely wouldn't be a full-time housewife.

Maybe she would change her mind in the future, but at least, for the moment, she wasn't able to do that.

"If you do join his company, could you ask him to hire all the members of sales team A? We want to continue working with you. If you think we're capable enough, we want to follow you and work in Hiram Rong's company.

"We don't care about how much the salary would be. We're not asking for much. Anyway, we've no confidence in this company anymore after this incident. We can't see a promising future working there."

Rachel kept silent for a moment as she pored over Celine's words. Then she replied, "Okay, I'll tell Hiram about this. I think that there's a good chance that he'll agree to it."

Rachel was determined that if Hiram didn't agree to it, she would start her own business together with her teammates.

Rachel was the team leader of sales team A. It was an excellent team. Rachel believed that she would be able to work smoothly anywhere if the whole team continued to follow her.

"Really?" said Celine excitedly.

"Of course, trust me. I would never lie to you, " Rachel said confidently.

Celine was thrilled. This was great news for the whole team.

She excitedly thanked Rachel on behalf of all the members of team A. Then she asked, "Oh, right! Mr. Rong has been on his business trip for more than ten days. Is he coming back soon?"

Rachel paused and put her glass down on the table. Hiram hadn't called her yet.

At first, Rachel had thought that Hiram would call her at least once a day.

However, for the past ten days, she only saw Carl calling Hiram all the time and reporting everything to him. But Hiram hadn't made a single call to her.

Rachel had sent some WeChat messages to him, but he hadn't answered any of them.

"He said that he would stay there for about two weeks. I think he should be coming back soon, " Rachel answered with hesitation.

She found it difficult to understand Hiram's complicated thoughts. She was unable to guess what he was thinking. Maybe he just didn't like to make constant phone calls to a woman to talk about something romantic.

Celine nodded her head. She noticed the lonely and upset look in Rachel's eyes, so she comforted her by saying, "Rachel, don't overthink it. Mr. Rong is always occupied with a lot of work. I think he's just too busy. That's why he's always on some business trip or the other."

Rachel raised her eyebrows and said, "But I guess that he might want to make me know the feelings

's already late. If you're tired, please go and take rest. I'll keep my uncle and aunt company."

Joanna nodded, stood up and said, "Okay, I am indeed a little tired. Please receive your uncle and aunt well. You can carry on talking among yourselves."

After Joanna left, Colin and Selina glared at Rachel.

"Uncle Colin, if you have anything to say, you can tell me directly. Please try not to come here anymore, " Rachel said calmly.

"Rachel, Mrs. Rong didn't say anything to refuse our visit. How dare you say something like that to us! That's so impolite of you!" Selina scolded and let out a cold hum. She was already very furious that Rachel had asked Joanna to leave. She had wanted to become familiar with Joanna.

Since Joanna was Hiram's mother, Selina thought that if she could win Joanna over, it would be more possible to have Vicky marry into the Rong family.

Rachel tittered and stared at her coldly.

"Auntie Selina, who is being impolite here? It seems like you came here to see me. But you didn't notify me before you came here. Why? What's the reason?"

Obviously, Selina was determined to get Rachel out of the Rong family upon her arrival at the Rong's house. In Selina's eyes, her daughter was the perfect person to be the Rong family's daughter-in-law and live in this luxurious house.

"Rachel, you've already cheated the Rong family. You know that? If they had known from the beginning that there is also another daughter in the Ruan family, do you think they would've chosen you?" Selina sneered. Vicky was about five or six years younger than Rachel. She was young and beautiful. Selina believed that Rachel was no match for Vicky.

Throughout the whole conversation, Vicky kept her head down.

But she happened to catch a glimpse of the family photo on the wall, and suddenly broke her silence.

She looked at the photo on the wall and asked, "Rachel, who is the man standing at the back in the photo there? Is that Hiram Rong?"

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