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   Chapter 68 Rachel Quit Her Job

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When Carl heard Rachel call him, he immediately said goodbye to Hiram and hung up the phone. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. "Rachel, " he squeaked.

"Are you secretly informing Hiram about my day?" Rachel asked with a smile, observing that Carl looked kind of nervous after seeing her.

It was just the first day of Hiram's trip. Was he so anxious that he couldn't wait to know about her whereabouts?

"Of course not. My cousin called to say that he has just landed. And as we talked, he also inquired about you." Carl answered with a smile, scratching his head.

Rachel turned to walk towards her car. She wondered why Hiram had called Carl instead of her.

If he wanted to know about her, shouldn't he have called her directly?

She looked down at her cell phone and waited for a while, but there was no call from Hiram, which made her a little upset. Then she turned to Carl and said, "Get in the car. Let's go home."

Rachel found that she was a little bored without Hiram. She tried her best to go about her day as lively as before, but it seemed impossible.

Days went by, and Rachel was back to work.

Even though she decided to quit her job, she still wanted to stay till the end of the month. She had been working in that company for 3 years, so she wanted to work there for a few more days before she left for good.

But soon, being in the office became uncomfortable for her. No matter where she went, she overheard unpleasant conversations about her...

"Have you heard the news? Rachel is not a simple woman. How can she seduce a man like Hiram Rong? She doesn't deserve him at all."

"How could she? It's not like she's drop-dead gorgeous. She must have seduced Hiram with her skills in bed. As soon as a man gets what he wants, he'll promise you everything."

"Are you sure? I heard that their great-grandparents arranged their engagement before they were even born. That's why Hiram Rong had to marry her without a choice."

"Oh my God. Is that real? Where did you hear that?"

"Right, right. Where did you hear that?"

Rachel was standing in a cubicle in the washing room with her hand on the doorknob, hesitating to leave. She had been about to open the door when they had begun talking about her.

Although she had expected people to react this way to her marriage with Hiram, it was still very hard for her to accept. Women like these didn't just work hard, they also had great talent when it came to gossiping.

As for such rumors, they hadn't stopped ever s

t, " she joked.

"Don't say that. Now that you're leaving, I'm afraid I won't be able to find someone like you to have an intimate conversation with." Celine felt a little sad as she said that, so she downed a mouthful of her beer.

"How would that happen? Don't worry. I'm not leaving H city. My Mom is here. I won't be too far away from her, " Rachel said, filling up the cup for her again.

Celine looked at her. There were words deep in her heart that she didn't know whether to say out loud or not. But finally, she decided to tell her.

"Rachel, there's one thing which I don't know if I should say. If I say it, I'm afraid it will put you in a dilemma. But on the other hand, I can't help but..." she trailed off.

Celine seemed to be very vexed. Rachel patted her gently on the hand and said, "There's nothing that can't be said between us. Spit it out."

Celine thought for a while to clear her mind. Then she said, "You know about our team. If it hadn't been for you, we wouldn't have been able to be in this good situation. Remember when we first joined in the company, we were treated badly by others. If it hadn't been for you leading us, we wouldn't have been able to come so far.

But now, you've decided to leave so abruptly. Our team lost its bone in an instant! Everyone feels like they've lost the spirit to keep working.

Before, when you were there with us, there was nothing that we had to be afraid of. But with you leaving, we feel like our energy has suddenly disappeared."

Rachel didn't interrupt her but waited patiently till she finished her words.

"Rachel, may I ask you one question, on behalf of our team members?" Celine asked.

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