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   Chapter 65 The Send-off Dinner

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All of a sudden, Rachel felt a surge of suspicion. She said doubtfully, "Mom, what's done is done. Hopefully, uncle Colin and his family would not continue messing around with us, right?"

Marriage is not a child's play. Since Rachel and Hiram had already registered their marriage, it was meaningless for Colin's family to mess around anymore.

However, Fannie shook her head and said with a frown, "I don't think so. Although your marriage has been settled, I know that Colin would definitely do something terrible when he finds out that he has missed a great opportunity."

Any family that aspired to marry into Hiram's family was expected to have infinite wealth. No one would callously watch such a great opportunity slip through their fingers.

Rachel held Fannie's arm, and asked curiously, "Mom, is this why you made Hiram and me register our marriage in a rush? Were you concerned that uncle Colin's family would cause trouble for us."

"Yes, but that was just part of the reason, " Fannie answered, "If you had met the right man in one of those blind dates, I would have approved your marriage. But as time went by I had to step up, and create opportunities for you before it was too late."

As a girl, Rachel was too shy. Therefore, Fannie had to be more proactive to help her.

Fannie gently patted Rachel on the back and continued saying, "The moment I got to know about Hiram, I felt as if my heart had missed a beat. It seemed like a match made in heaven!

Now, my decision has turned out to be right. You and Hiram are made for each other."

Rachel was a loving and dutiful daughter; she had a special place in Fannie's heart. Although Hiram was wealthy, she felt that her daughter was also beautiful enough to be a good match for him.


After Colin, his wife and daughter left Fannie's house, they checked into a small hotel.

Their business had been struggling for the past two years. Selina's family-owned enterprise had reduced from a small and medium-sized company to a small store. Not long ago, when a fellow villager of XH Village was shopping in their store, he accidentally mentioned the Rong family and the century-old agreement to them.

Hiram and his family were very famous around XH Village.

Suddenly, Colin and Selina realized that the timing was perfect since Hiram wasn't married to someone else yet, and their daughter was also single.

They closed down their store immediately and rus

equently. Suddenly, the familiar Maybach was parked in front of the restaurant's entrance. Then, she saw Hiram get out of his car and walk straight into the restaurant.

With one of her hand supporting her chin and the other one holding the drinking straw, she looked at Hiram and asked, "So, tell me. Why did you bring me to this place? This place is so romantic. Are you planning to make a proposal?"

Hiram took off his coat, put the white dinner cloth over his thighs and said to Rachel with a smile, "Why would I need to do so? You have already married me."

The moment Hiram sat down, the waiters in the restaurant began to serve them with food.

Hiram took a glass of red wine and said to Rachel, "I will go on a business trip tomorrow. You can see this as a send-off dinner."

Rachel knew that he was unpredictable. She took a glass of red wine, clinked her glass against his and said with a smile, "Well, I wish you a pleasant business trip."

Rachel thought to herself, 'When Hiram comes back from his business trip, the one-month period will be over.

What will he do then? Is he going to do what Celine has predicted? Or, will things develop according to the original plan?'

Rachel looked forward to what would happen next, But she was also nervous about it.

She hoped that something good would happen in the future, While she was also worried that their relationship would suffer due to Hiram's unpredictable personality.

"Thanks." Hiram said. He smiled at her and took a sip of the red wine. Suddenly, his phone beeped and spoiled the moment. Hiram looked at his phone and answered with a frown.

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