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   Chapter 64 Fighting For The Son-in-law

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"Colin, Selina, why are you here?"

Fannie was surprised to see Colin Ruan, Selina Zhou and their daughter who just started her college.

Rachel was watching TV when she heard her mother. She placed her fruit on the table and walked towards the door. "Uncle, Aunt and Vicky, why are you here?"

"What? We are not welcome here?" Selina said with a smile while looking at Rachel who stood behind Fannie.

"Of course yes, we are glad to see you. Come on in." After saying so, Fannie stepped aside and let them come inside the house.

Rachel glanced at Fannie's slightly pale face and felt that something was wrong.

Colin Ruan was Simpson Ruan's brother, but when Colin was quite young, he was adopted by a relative who didn't have any children. After he grew up, he married Selina Zhou. Later they moved to another city to live with Selina's mother, and Colin also commenced his career there.

Rachel poured them three cups of tea and placed them on the table. "Uncle, it's your first time to come back here after all these three years, am I right? Vicky, when I saw you last time, you were still a young girl. Now you are all grown up, and I must say you have grown into a beautiful lady, "

Rachel said smilingly, even if she noticed that Colin Ruan and Selina Zhou seemed to be wearing a forced and unnatural smile.

"That's right. When we came back three years ago, Vicky was in her first year at a senior high school. Now she is a freshman at a university; her childhood days flew by so quickly, " Selina Zhou said proudly while glancing at her beautiful daughter.

"Selina, don't just talk. Please have some tea, " said Fannie. Then she thoughtfully looked at Vicky Ruan and asked, "Where's Vicky's brother? Why didn't he come with you?"

Colin Ruan replied, "Steven works at an express company now. He is earning rather well. Oh, right. I've heard about that... the Rong family has a son, right?"

Fannie grew a bit sorrowful upon hearing this.

She didn't expect that they would get to know about this news so quickly and visit her just because of this matter.

At this moment, Rachel began to realize their purpose of coming here. Fannie pulled a long face and then replied, "That's right. Is something the matter? Why are you suddenly asking about this?"

Learning that the news was real, Colin Ruan got delighted and said, "Grandfather on

na said angrily. After she told Vicky Ruan to leave, she walked towards the door.

The Rong family was very wealthy. If someone could marry into that family, all of her family members would also get the benefit. However, Selina Zhou could not seize such an excellent opportunity this time.

She grew more envious and resentful by this thought.

Vicky took a quick look at Rachel and lowered her head; she felt embarrassed. Then she followed her mother out of the house.

In fact, in her eyes, Rachel was a nice person who bought food for her every time she came back. Besides, Rachel always gave some books to Vicky.

After they left, Fannie got very furious. She removed the teacups away from the table and poured the tea into the sink.

Rachel went into the kitchen and gently said, "Mother, don't be angry. I have got a marriage license with Hiram, what else are you afraid of?"

Fannie sighed and said, "I am not worried about that. I'm afraid that they will go to the Rong family to disturb them. They will embarrass the whole family in front of the Rong's."

Colin Ruan was a member of the Ruan family, but he had moved out a long time ago. He seldom came back after he started living with his parents-in-law.

Only Fannie and Simpson kept in touch with the Rong family for the past few years.

Perhaps the Rong family only knew Simpson, and they had no idea that Colin Ruan was also a member of the Ruan family.

Colin Ruan suddenly came back just to fight for the son-in-law. They would become a laughing stock if anyone got to know about this matter.

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