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   Chapter 63 It's Unfair To Me

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"Give that album back to me now!" yelled Rachel.

Rachel tried to snatch it from Hiram's hands, but Hiram raised the album over his head. He looked at her with a big smile on his face, and said teasingly, "Why did you call me freak? I was just looking at a photo of you wearing your baby split pants. It's not such a big deal. Why should I be freak?"

Rachel's face blushed to a crimson red as she heard his words. She stared at him with rage. She suspected that he might have seen her other photos as well.

The album also had some naked photos from her childhood. Hiram must have seen all of those.

"About that, I think that it's extremely unfair to me that I haven't had the pleasure of seeing your body..." Hiram said as he rested his eyes on Rachel's breasts, then he slowly moved his eyes down her body.

Rachel had seen him naked quite a few times. But Hiram hadn't seen her bare body till now.

He had seen some parts of it, though.

Rachel blushed. Her face turned as red as a ripe apple. They were in her house, and her mother was near them. She would be really embarrassed if her mother heard their words.

Just then, Fannie came out of her room and saw the couple scrambling for something. She asked in confusion, "What are you guys doing there?"

When Fannie noticed the cover of the photo album, she instantly understood what might have happened. She shook her head and said smilingly, "You are already a couple now. What are you worried about? Rachel, you stay here and keep Hiram company. I am going to the market to buy some food and groceries for preparing our meal. You both can leave only after having your lunch with me."

Fannie left the house. Rachel gave up her efforts to procure the album, as she knew that she wouldn't be able to succeed.

Rachel had always wanted to burn that photo album in the past. But Fannie treated that album as something precious and didn't allow her to destroy it. Fannie said that it was a record of her childhood journey.

"Your mother was right. We are a couple now. But I still haven't had the chance to do what a husband can do with his wife. I feel hurt." Hiram said as he shook his head. He closed the album and kept it back at its place.

Rachel was busy cleaning the house for her mother, while she was talking to Hiram. "You are hurt? I am the one who is suffering from injustice. Don't you think so?"

Hiram casually sat on the sofa and watched Rachel as she cleaned the table. He said, "Didn't I already compensate you for your suffering? Alright then, this house is in fact, quite small. How about I buy a bigger house for your mother downtown?"

"No, no, that's not necessary. My mom has friends in thi

red Rachel.

"Does he help you financially? Did he ever give you money for shopping?" Fannie was a bit worried, so she asked Rachel bluntly.

Rachel paused. She scratched her head, as she didn't know how to respond to this question. Then, she replied, "Mom...actually, he did give me money, but just too..."

"Too little?" asked Fannie. She had always wanted to ask her daughter this question. But she felt a little embarrassed to ask it, after all, it was a private affair between the couple. Nonetheless, Fannie thought that a man shouldn't be too miser when it came to spending money on his woman. She was worried that Hiram wasn't generous with Rachel.

Rachel smiled sheepishly and said, "No, on the contrary, he gave me too much money. It's such a big amount that I don't even know how to spend it."

"What? Too much? How much?"

Rachel then whispered the figure in Fannie's ears. When Fannie heard the number, she was startled and immediately leaped up from the seat. She was frozen. It took her a long while to come back to her senses.

"My dear daughter, you've indeed met a good husband. Though it's very inappropriate to talk about money in a relationship, it still shows his sincerity to you. Now that I am sure my choice for you is right! He is the perfect man for you! Remember to cherish him. He is a good man. A lot of girls would fight against you to get their hands on Hiram."

After the conversation with Rachel, Fannie was even more confident that she had picked the right man for Rachel.


Rachel called her mother with a smile.

But right at that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Fannie stood up and went to open the door. When she opened the door and saw the people outside, she was surprised.

Not just surprised, she was astonished!

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