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   Chapter 62 A Visit To Mother-In-Law

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Rachel felt flustered; there was a lot of noise in the room, she wanted to know what had happened.

As Luke had put on his clothes quickly, Hiram decided to let go of Rachel.

When Rachel opened her eyes, Luke was already dressed up, he clapped and said, "Hey, girls! It's your lucky day! But don't tell anyone what just happened, okay?"

The girls nodded in agreement since they were just trying to have a fun night, they knew exactly what they should say and what they shouldn't. Besides, Luke was a famous lawyer and none of them wanted to provoke him at the risk of inviting legal trouble.

To Luke's surprise, while no one was noticing, one of the girls stood up and slipped a note into his pocket that had her Wechat account and cell phone number written on it.

"Call me anytime you want to have some fun."

Luke smiled awkwardly.

Albert stood up when he found Luke standing there in embarrassment, he patted Luke on the shoulder and said with a smile, "uncle, you are a great man! I have to go now."

"Go, go, go! Bad boy!" Luke patted him on the forehead!

Albert dodged his hand while laughing. Then he nodded to Hiram and waved goodbye to Rachel.

After leaving KTV, Hiram took Rachel out to have a bite before they went back to their villa.

It was almost midnight, Rachel certainly had a good time at KTV and was full after having some snacks, she felt quite sleepy.

After they returned home, she took a quick bath and then went to bed.

Rachel had already fallen in sound sleep when Hiram came to bed.

After a while, Rachel woke up when she felt something nibbling at her shoulder, she stirred and avoided it, and fell asleep again. However, the nibbling continued, it felt itchy and she had to

Open her eyes, when she found that the "something" was none other than Hiram who was thirsty for her, she pushed his face away and said, "I'm on my period..."

Today was the third day, and the period wouldn't be over so fast."

Hiram took a deep breath; he pinched her on the face, "You, little thing! I want to kill you for always torturing me, !"

If she couldn't be intimate with him, why she said yes to him the other day?

Rachel giggled, with eyes half open, she poked him and said, "Haven't you heard the adage - A watched pot never boils? Just wait for a few days more."

Hiram took his hand off of her face, looking at her with a lustful gleam in his eyes, "Don't you want to see my body now?" He asked.

She immediately buried her face inside the pillow. He still remembered that!

"Don't forget that I have already seen

ved in such small houses.

"Uh, Hiram, our house is quite small. If Rachel had told me about your visit earlier, we could have met at some other place." Fannie didn't want her son-in-law to feel uncomfortable in the small house, she blamed Rachel for this.

"It doesn't matter. It's small, but cozy." Hiram got accustomed to the environment soon, the photos on the wall caught his attention.

Rachel helped Fannie to move the gifts into the bedroom. Otherwise, there would be no space for walking in the living room.

When they entered the bedroom, Fannie grabbed Rachel's hand and asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Why have you bought me so many bedsheets? Do you want me to set up a stall at the flea market!"

Rachel didn't know how to explain, she smiled and held Fannie's hand, and they both sat on the bed, "Mom, you can't sell them at the flea market, Or I will be very sad!"

The beddings chosen by Hiram were the most expensive lot in the store, how could they be sold at the flea market?

"I know you always want to add a fresh look to our bedroom. If you hadn't had to save money for supporting my education, you would have bought a lot of this stuff yourself. Now since Hiram has bought these for you, just enjoy them."

Many housewives were keen on buying household items, it was quite normal.

Fannie felt a little better on hearing Rachel's words. She shook her head, smiled and collected everything together.

When Rachel came out from the bed room, she found Hiram looking over an album with great interest.

The album looked familiar, when she approached him, she saw it clearly. Suddenly, she got annoyed.

She stretched her hands to grab the album.

"Hiram, You freak!"

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