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   Chapter 61 What Would Happen If Hiram Was Pissed Off

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Rachel hesitated for a second and then replied to Albert.

"Yes, things happened really fast, and we didn't even have the time to throw a wedding. But the truth remains the same, and I am married." She told him as the whole thing went through her mind.

They were registered as a couple before leaving the hospital, and it was indeed in a rush.

Albert tried hard to find something to say that would cover his emotion. He finally managed to say "Congratulations to you, both of you. Even though you are married now, you cannot change the fact that we are from the same college. I certainly hope that you haven't forgotten what you have promised me, that we will go back to our college together this Sunday."

Rachel had forgotten about their plan. She had got so many things to do these days that it totally skipped from her mind.

"I almost forgot about that, thank you for reminding me! Of course, we would go back to our college on Sunday. We will meet at the gate."

"Albert, come here please, let's have some fun. I'm getting bored!" Asked one of the girls who had come with him. She couldn't wait anymore, so she came over and grabbed his arm in her hands.

Rachel stood up before Albert could reply. "Go and have fun! I shall go and join Hiram now."

Albert wanted to stay with Rachel, but he felt he had no reason now. Shit happened as always.

'You meet a nice person, and you want to settle down. But everything changes, ' Albert thought to himself.

Rachel went to the empty sofa and sat down.

Her stomach started grumbling as she saw the fruits served on the table in front of her. As she kept shoving fruits into her mouth, she saw a waiter passing the microphone to Hiram.

She was so surprised that she forgot to swallow. Was he going to sing a song?

Luke came over and sat beside her. Seeing her mouth wide open, he couldn't help laughing and asked, "You don't need to feel surprised. Your husband is a gifted singer, don't you know that?"

Rachel shook her head.

There's no such thing as perfection in this world, she thought. Lots of big and successful men were tone deaf. As the saying goes, no one is perfect.

Her thought was interrupted by Luke's loud laughter. He passed a cup of water to her and said, "There are lots of things about Hiram that you don't know about. Keep listening to me carefully; I will tell you all of them.

In college, Hiram was not only the most handsome and smartest guy in our class, but he also had the voice of an angel. When someone was forming a band, he asked him to be the lead singer, but no matter what he said, Hiram just kept refusing.

Later, the boy who had formed the band became the lead singer. The result is that he became quite popular and is a big star now! As I learned, a few years later, he got in touch with Hiram and asked him to act in his music video. As expected, Hiram declined his offer. But that big star didn't give up, and he kept calling him again and again.


Hiram smiled with the corner of his mouth twitched as if he knew what Luke would get. Even back in their student time, Luke always got the least.

In the end, Rachel opened Hiram's box and it was six.

"Wow, here you go, great!" Rachel looked at the dice and then at Hiram astoundingly.

Hiram accepted her compliment. He grabbed her waist making her sit back and whispered to her, "Yes, I am quite a good player at many games, and I can show you in future one by one, just wait and watch!"

After saying so, Hiram turned his head from her and looked at Luke.

Luke lowered his head, and he realized that he shouldn't have said a word about Hiram earlier. Or he should have told the stories to Rachel when Hiram was not around. He knew rather well how much Hiram hated people gossiping about him.

"Take your clothes off!"



Hearing Hiram's words, Rachel and Albert both said the same word at the same time. What did he mean?

Whereas Luke was silent, he took off his shirt obediently, and that was the only thing he was wearing above his waist.

But Hiram continued, "I didn't say stop. Go on!"

Following his orders, Luke took off his shoes and was going for his pants. He looked around, and there were many beautiful girls present, he gazed at Hiram mournfully and said.

"My dear friend, can I keep my underpants on? You see, your wife is also here."

Rachel held her smile on hearing his words and closed her eyes cooperatively. To show her sincerity, she also turned her head around.

All the girls present in the room began screaming loudly.

As one scream fell and another rose, Rachel felt a sort of regret. She couldn't see a damn thing with closed eyes.

She couldn't help herself from opening her eyes. But her head was pressed on Hiram's chest by his hand, and he spoke softly in her ear.

"If you want to see what a man's body looks like, it would be my pleasure to show you mine. As soon as we get home … …"

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