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   Chapter 60 A Petite Woman With A Silver Tongue

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"There is nothing to talk about. If I had been attracted to Lydia, I would have married her a long time ago. But the fact is that I has remained single till I met you." Hiram held Rachel tightly in his arms and said to her in a low voice. "She's like a little sister to me who refuses to grow up. We are brought up in the same family by the same parents. I love her just as I love my mother and father. She is a member of my family. I wish you'd understand that."

Getting out of Hiram's embrace, Rachel looked at him and said, "So you want me to forgive Lydia for everything she has said to my mother?"

"Rachel, she is an orphan. Since my family has adopted her and brought her up, we are responsible for her. Although I accept that she has made a mistake, we can't abandon her. As my wife, I expect you to treat her like a sister and forgive her." Hiram said to Rachel sincerely while kissing her earlobe.

"I would forgive her this time. But what if she doesn't give up her feelings for you and tries to destroy our marriage again? What would we do then? Even if I can find it in my heart to forgive her, what about my mother? Do you expect her to understand the complicated relationship between you and your adopted sister?" Rachel felt sorry as she thought about her mother. Her mother had been quite pleased about her marriage with Hiram. But she was humiliated by Hiram's adopted sister in front of his mother. Rachel wouldn't put her mother through it again.

Hiram shook his head and assured Rachel by saying, "Don't worry. I will have her settled down in the US as soon as possible. I promise she wouldn't get an opportunity to approach you or your mother."

Rachel stretched out her hands and put her arms around Hiram's neck on hearing his assuring words. "Okay, I'll give you some time to deal with her. But if things don't go as you have promised, I'll see what you would do." Rachel said with a smile.

Hiram pinched her lovely face and said, "Done! Let's go and visit your mother tomorrow. I want to apologize to her in person."

She nodded while teasing him. "My mother will be really surprised. Having her respectable and busy son-in-law visit her in person is a rare event for her."

"You are a silver-tongued woman! You don't miss a single chance to make fun of me." It reminded Hiram of his first encounter with Rachel. She was as talkative back then as she was now.

"Do I? Ha, why do you give me a chance then?" Rachel said cheerfully, as she raised her head to look at him.

Although she was trying to mock him, her tender looks betrayed her. Hiram's heart melted when her soft eyes met his.

He bent down to give her a deep kiss on the lips while cupping her face in his hands.

"Well, I'll try my best not to offer you a chance to laugh at me in the future.'' He said after the kiss, and then asked, "Have you eaten yet?''

"Just a cup of instant noodles, '' Rachel replie

a wealthy family. Could she believe that Albert, a member of a wealthy family, needed to support himself by taking part-time jobs?

Albert's face turned red out of embarrassment. He lowered his head and coughed slightly. "I am a part-time worker at a company. That's true. As for my family, it's not bad.

Are you really married? I have never heard of that."

Rachel didn't answer him right away. Instead, she turned her eyes to Hiram and noticed Luke whispering to him.

"Hiram, are you happy with my arrangement? Being your true friend, I'm always thinking of you."

Luke said to Hiram laughingly, asking the girl to fill Hiram's glass with wine.

"Not too bad, " Hiram replied, taking up the wine glass and shaking it gently.

He figured that Luke deliberately arranged Albert's presence tonight.

He was also quite clear about the reason behind this arrangement.

Luke laughed uproariously before saying, "Being single for all those years and finally now you have a wife. I wouldn't let anyone take her away from you." He drank off the wine in the glass and wiped the corner of his mouth. Then he continued, "If someone tries to take her away, it can't be anyone from my family."

"Ha, take my wife away from me? Are you serious?" Hiram gazed at Luke with a forced smile.

"No, no, of course not. What I mean is to take preventive measures. As the saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Luke filled his glass with red wine and clinked his glass with Hiram's.

He still remembered that day when they saw Rachel and Albert together at the restaurant. The two of them were having their meal and chatting merrily. Although Hiram didn't say anything, he dropped Luke by the roadside that night. As Hiram's friend, he knew what he cared about, so he had to do something to show his concern.

He was well aware of Hiram's temper. If someone dared to put him down, he would make his life miserable.

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