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   Chapter 58 The End Of The Vacation

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Rachel immediately covered her mouth and opened her eyes. After riding the horse for one round, Rachel got used to the speed of the horse. "I'm sorry. This is my first time riding a horse. I am just a little scared, " she said to Hiram.

Hiram took a deep breath. He wondered why he always found it hard to keep his breathing every time he was with Rachel. A single movement from her could easily trigger his lust. It was so tormenting.

After riding two more rounds, Hiram got off from the horse, leaving Rachel alone on it. Rachel didn't dare to move casually now that Hiram wasn't there with her. She just let the horse slowly walk forward.

Soon enough, Hiram led another horse out. He valiantly mounted the horse like a brave hero. After he whipped at the horse, it immediately galloped towards the vast prairie.

Rachel frowned at the scene. Was he trying to show that he was enjoying himself much more when he wasn't riding the same horse with her?

But she was quickly distracted by Anya, who taught her the basic skills needed for riding a horse. Rachel learned for a while before getting off the horse to take some rest.

Half an hour later, Hiram came back on his horse. As soon as he got off, a worker went up to him and helped him lead the horse back to the stable. Carl came over and handed Hiram his phone before whispering something into his ear.

During these two days, Carl only showed up when Hiram had work to do. Apart from that, he made himself as invisible as possible so that he wouldn't affect the development of Hiram and Rachel's relationship.

Hiram answered Luke Jian's call. "Hello."

"Hiram Rong, your dear younger sister is unwilling to go back to America. I've tried my best. There's nothing else I can do, " Luke complained. For the past two days, Luke had been putting in a lot of effort to persuade Lydia to go back to America. However, Lydia remained stubborn about her decision to stay.

Walking to a nearby bench, Hiram took a towel and wiped off the sweat on his forehead. "There's nothing you can do? I thought you always had a lot of methods to solve any problem! That's why I asked you to help me with this matter in the first place, "

Hiram said as he took the bottle of water that Carl handed to him. He raised his head and drank a mouthful from it.

"Hiram, you're overestimating me. I'm not that great. If you asked me to help you with a lawsuit, then of course, I'd be capable of it. That's what I specialize in. But now, you're asking me to deal with Lydia, a weak and spoiled girl. I can't even touch or scold her

aid, "Hiram, please bring her here to visit me more often. From now on, both of you are my good friends forever."

She walked up to Hiram and hugged him.

Hiram patted her shoulder and said, "Yes, I will. The next time I come here, I hope I'll see that you've gained your happiness, too."

Anya closed her eyes, held his shoulders and shook her head. She said smilingly, "I just haven't had the luck of meeting my Mr. Right. But I'm sure that I'll be able to meet someone as excellent as you!"

Hiram let go of her and nodded. "I should get going now."

Then he walked towards the car.

Hiram had been able to maintain his friendship with Anya, because Anya was a woman who was resilient about love. She was able to give up her love for Hiram and treat him as a friend instead of lover.

Rachel saw Hiram approaching and moved herself a bit to let him sit beside her. She hadn't heard what they had talked about outside the car, but she had noticed the look in Anya's eyes. Anya didn't want Hiram to leave.

Rachel really admired Anya. She was a free and easygoing woman who had the courage to both love someone wholeheartedly and give up her love. She was indeed a very respectable woman in Rachel's eyes.

In the afternoon, Anya came to the airport and saw off Hiram and Rachel like she had promised.

It was already evening when the plane landed in the airport of H City.

Instead of going back to his villa first, Hiram went to the Rong family's house.

But Rachel wasn't accompanying him this time.

Right after getting off the plane, Rachel had heard Hiram talking anxiously on the phone. It seemed like something serious had happened at his house, and Rachel didn't want to interrupt him.

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