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   Chapter 57 Ride On The Same Horse

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Hiram's voice was hoarse since he had just been woken up by Rachel. Still lying in bed, he squinted at her with his eyebrows knitted.

"Erm...sorry for waking you up. I am here to get the phone charger. I think it's better if I sleep in another room, so that you can sleep well. So, just give a minute, and then I'll leave your room, " said Rachel as she approached the night table where her charger was.

She grabbed it and walked back to the door. 'It's better if I don't sleep beside him. Besides, there are so many rooms for me to choose from tonight, ' Rachel thought to herself.

"Stop!" Hiram finally spoke to her. And he had raised his voice, which told Rachel that he was unhappy.

"Rachel, did you forget what you promised me last night?"

Rachel stopped at the door of the room. The ankle-skimming silk nightgown she was wearing exposed her tantalizing collarbone. In the dim yellow light against her wine-colored dress, her skin shone like a pearl, glittering white and pink.

Hiram was entranced by her pure and natural beauty.

In contrast, Rachel was troubled by the words Hiram had just said.

"I... of course I remember my promise, " Rachel answered. "But I'm not that tired now. I want to use my cell phone for a bit and then sleep when I feel like it. That's why I said I would go to another room, because I don't want to bother you while you're sleeping." Even though it was quite late at night, she really didn't want to sleep.

After answering Hiram, she murmured to herself, 'And I really wish you would forget the promise.'

"Don't want to bother me? Huh?" Hiram hummed with dissatisfaction.

"Of course, I..." said Rachel, her voice getting weaker and weaker.

After all, she'd taken his money, which was indisputable. Remembering this, she walked back to the bed and placed the charger back on the night table.

She took off her slippers and lay next to Hiram.

"Remember your promise. Don't make me remind you again. No matter what, you can't sleep alone without my permission. Understand?" Hiram whispered in her ear in a low sexy voice.

Then he pulled her close and kept his jaw next to her head.

Rachel gently nodded to show that she understood.

'This is normal, ' she told herself, 'because a wife should share the bed with her husband. Besides, he has also given me such a high "bride price." So, it's not a bad deal.'

Before she could fall asleep, Hiram asked her again, "Are you really on your period? Don't lie to me!"

He moved his hand to her abdomen. Rachel understood why he was asking this again.

"Well..." she answe

rse to stand there before holding his hand out to her. Both of his hands were covered by white gloves.

Rachel was a little dazed because she had never seen him acting like such a gentleman to her before. His handsome face and gentle smile melted her heart.

Seeing Rachel standing there without taking Hiram's hand, Anya joked, "Well, I don't mind giving my hand to him if you don't want to!"

Rachel came to herself once she heard Anya's words and held Hiram's hand. With his help, she climbed onto the horse.

Hiram quickly climbed on as well and held the rein with his arms around Rachel.

Rachel was wondering whether this horse could carry two people when Hiram got on. Now, she realized that her concern was unnecessary.

In fact, Hiram seemed to have already considered this, and that's why he had chosen this horse, which could still walk really fast even with two people on it.

As the horse ran faster and faster, fear began to grip Rachel, because she had never ridden a horse before. She couldn't help screaming out and closing her eyes.

Hiram was still sitting behind her holding the rein. But to him, her screams didn't sound like they were from fear. They awakened his desire again.

"Ah... H...Hiram... Slow down please, " Rachel uttered brokenly.

But the horse didn't slow down at all. She saw the world around them pass by in a blur. Overwhelmed by fear, she tightly grasped Hiram's arms for security.

Hiram's calm was fading too, but it was because Rachel's hip was right next to his crotch. While she was screaming and constantly moving her hip, he was being tortured too.

"Keep quiet! Or I won't mind throwing you down from the horse right away, " said Hiram in a depressed voice.

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