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   Chapter 56 The Superiority Complex Of Being A Rich Woman

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"Well, now that you've become a rich woman, I need details. How do you feel after becoming rich all of a sudden? Do you feel like you're in a dream? Do you suddenly have a superiority complex?"

In the suite, Hiram was standing in front of the French window while wearing a Bluetooth headset.

There was a secret system inside Streams Garden which the outsiders didn't know about. It was designed to guard against any problems caused by the company's enemies. Through that system, any communication could be intercepted and any phone calls could be monitored.

And after the terrible thing that had happened to Rachel last time, Hiram had installed a software on her phone that allowed him to easily listen in on any of her phone calls.

He smiled grimly. He was surprised to know that Rachel had an adviser whom she could turn to.

But these two women were no match for him.

He wouldn't be Hiram Rong if everyone could figure him out so easily.

"I don't think so. Hiram is not a simple man. I've tried to understand what's going on in his mind, but I failed, " Rachel said over the phone as she walked. Even at this moment, Rachel had no idea what Hiram was thinking. She threw the shell into the sea.

"He's like the sea in front of me. He's nice, and sometimes quiet. But so many secrets are hidden in the sea."

"Rachel, why are you thinking so much about this? It will be great as long as he treats you well. Why do you insist on trying to understand him?" Celine had always believed that it would be better not to try to understand something difficult or unreachable.

Rachel sat on the sand beach and watched the red sun slowly disappear from the sky. Holding up a hand to shade her from the glaring light, she said, "If we like someone, we should try to understand them, right?

If I have to live together with him my whole life, both of us will get tired of all the secrets we hide from each other."

Hiram heard everything that she said.

He looked out of the French window pensively, fixing his eyes on Rachel, who was sitting in front of the sea. He continued standing there for a while.

When Rachel finally came back to the suite, Hiram had already gone out for his business meeting.

He didn't return until well after Rachel had gone t

s that day without spend any of the one hundred million dollars that Hiram had given her.

She spent the whole day living extravagantly. When she finally returned to the Streams Garden, it was late at night.

She saw a pair of leather shoes placed near the door when she reached the suite, which probably meant that Hiram was back.

It was dim inside the room. Rachel had no idea whether he was asleep or not.

She had gone with Anya to see the night scene, so it was already 11 o'clock now.

"Excuse me. Miss Anya asked me to bring these things to you." The server then pushed a trolley piled with clothes towards the door.

Rachel asked him to be gentle. She then softly carried the things into the room and put them in the closet.

She poked her head towards the bedroom and found that it was dark inside. It seemed that he was really asleep.

She believed that he must be exhausted after having such a busy day.

She fetched a nightdress with narrow straps from the closet before taking a shower. After that, she walked out of the bathroom.

After entering the bedroom, she softly locked the door.

She was starting to feel very guilty.

In the past, she'd only focused on her work without ever enjoying life. Today, she had taken the opportunity to have a good time, but she had overspent.

And while she was spending money, Hiram was busy earning money, which made her feel really guilty.

"You're back."

The white bedside lamp was suddenly turned on as Rachel approached the bed.

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