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   Chapter 55 She Is Worth 100 Million Dollars

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In Luke's words, Hiram was cursed. Hiram wasn't confused about his sexual orientation and he didn't have any physiological diseases. He just didn't find women attractive or even think of having sex with them.

No matter how sexy or gorgeous they were, in his eyes, they were like boiled water, nothing special

— except her.

He remembered that night when Rachel was sick. He had taken care of her so wholeheartedly that he didn't notice anything strange in his body. It wasn't until he slept at his parents' house with Rachel that he noticed how turned on he was.

The feeling was just so strong and powerful that he couldn't resist it.

It made him think that he had recovered, but then he found out that he still couldn't have any feelings for other women.

And it was at this time that he realized

That the centennial engagement was, in essence, a limitation. Rachel was the only woman he could be with in his whole life.

Rachel stared into Hiram's eyes. She knew that there were many things bothering him but she couldn't figure out any of them.

However, if she ever came to know her true value to him in the future, she would definitely regret asking for such a small sum of money!

This was kind of her private money. She was thinking about counting on it when she ran away from Hiram's mansion.

"Why do you keep swaying your hands? I can see that." Hiram was quite speechless about her behavior. The way she kept doing it made him feel like he wasn't in the room.

"Words once said can't be taken back! Hiram, remember what you said! I will sleep with you this month. But you can never take back your money!" Rachel pressed, afraid that he would go back on his words.

His reply was unexpected.

"Nope, not only this month. You have to sleep with me for the rest of your life." Hiram smirked. He had something planned in his head. Who told her that it was only for a month?

One million dollars for a month? He was a businessman. Why would he agree to such a bad deal?

"Hiram, you didn't say that before!" Rachel's smile faded. She felt like no matter what she did, she would eventually fall into his trap.

"Oh, didn't I? Okay, let's make it clear now." Hiram smiled at her, lying in a cozy position. He looked Rachel up and down before saying, "Since I've already paid you, isn't it time for you to do your duty?"

Rachel was standing at the bedside. Feeling Hiram's desire for he

ram asked her to do!

"Listen to me, Rachel, just use that money any way you want! You two are a couple. Whether you call it your money or his money, his fortune is yours in essence. Isn't it?"

Rachel couldn't help laughing. She squatted down and picked up a seashell. "I don't know, Celine. I don't really think we're that close."

"Well, I don't know how good your relationship is, but what I do know is that Hiram is a businessman. Since he promised to give you that money, I think he wouldn't make a bad bargain. I believe, deep down, he has already accepted you as his wife, and that's why he doesn't care about how much money he gives to you, "

Celine explained to Rachel.

There was a saying that daughters and wives needed to be pampered luxuriously. Mr. Rong seemed to understand that very well.

Another thing to think about was that Hiram had given Rachel one million dollars without thinking of it as a big deal. So even if other men gave Rachel tens of millions of dollars, Rachel would probably reject them without hesitation, Because she had already seen the world.

Every time Celine helped her analyze the situation, Rachel had mixed feelings about it. It was true that the person involved in a situation could never see as clearly as those who were on the outside looking in.

"As for the divorce agreement, just forget about it. I can guarantee you that even though Hiram wanted to submit it in the past, he isn't gonna submit it when your marriage expires."

Celine was having a great conversation with Rachel, and had no idea that

They were being eavesdropped by someone...

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