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   Chapter 54 A Deal Priced One Hundred Million Dollars

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"Like I said, you could only see my face, " said Hiram. He had already put on the bathrobe that Rachel had brought to him and was now tying it with his eyes on the vigilant woman.

After Hiram left the bathroom, Rachel heaved a sigh of relief. She stood in front of the misted-up mirror and wiped off the steam clouded on it. She coyly looked at herself in the mirror.

'Rachel, you are already twenty-six years old. Why are you so shy? Even a younger girl would have had more courage than you did, ' Rachel thought to herself.

'Hiram was obviously making fun of you. Why did you close your eyes? Why didn't you dare to look at his body? Why couldn't you just face him directly?

He has a well-toned body, and he has such an honorable social status. You won't suffer any loss even if you see his body! So why not?'

A few moments later, Rachel stepped out of the bathroom. She saw Hiram leaning against the headrest of the bed, reading the file in his hands. The loose silky bathrobe didn't completely cover his long and sexy legs. His muscular and hairy shins were exposed in the air, radiating masculinity.

Rachel felt considerably less embarrassed now. She was becoming bolder. Maybe it was because she had already seen parts of his body earlier, or maybe it was because she had overcome her shyness after what she had thought to herself in the bathroom. Now, she couldn't keep her eyes away from Hiram's body.

She took out a bottle of cold water from the refrigerator and drank a few mouthfuls to slowly compose herself.

"It's normal for a man and a woman to have mutual attraction to each other. I understand your desire for me, it's quite normal. You don't need to feel shy about it, "

Hiram said smilingly, looking up from his file and watching Rachel behaving awkwardly.

Rachel abruptly put down the bottle of water and walked towards him. She pointed to herself and asked, "What did you say? I desire you?"

"Am I wrong? I saw the eager look in your eyes, " teased Hiram. He kept smiling and lowered his head to look at the papers in his hand, and went on to say, "If you do feel lonely and you can't control your lust, I'll consider doing my obligation to you as your husband."

"You..." Rachel was dumbfounded by his words. It took her a moment to find

e world?

He was willing to pay so much money just to take her virginity. No woman would refuse such a large amount money!

Moreover, he was legally her husband, So there was no need for her to pretend to be noble. Why not accept it?

"Let go of me. I'll go find my bank card now, " Rachel said in a trembling voice.

Seeing the look in Rachel's eyes, Hiram loosened his grips on her. Barely controlling his laughter, he watched her stand up and take her card out of her handbag.

Hiram then dialed a number and said on the phone, "Hello, it's me. Transfer one hundred million dollars to an account. I'll send you the account number soon."

In less than ten minutes, Rachel received a message from the bank saying that her card had received one hundred million dollars. Seeing the huge amount of money with her own eyes, it finally hit Rachel. She asked nervously, "Hiram, are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious. Did I say that I was joking?" Hiram asked.

" are spending so much money just in order to with me? Are you insane?" Reachel put her hand on his forehead to feel his temperature. He didn't even have a fever. But why had he given her so much money so easily? It was one hundred million dollars!!

But Hiram looked so relaxed without the slightest trace of a frown, as if it was just a small amount of money for him.

"Rachel, you will gradually find out that I'm not fond of making jokes, " said Hiram.

Rachel hadn't been aware of how much value she held to him.

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