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   Chapter 52 I Hit The Target

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Hiram also opened his arms to embrace her. "Anya, you've become even more beautiful now."

"Really? I'm glad that you're actually complimenting me." With her hands around his waist, Anya wore a sweet smile on her fair face and said, "After you called yesterday and told me that you're coming, I started to make the necessary preparations. I've gotten everything ready according to your liking."

Rachel watched them embracing. Even though it was the etiquette, they hadn't let go of each other for quite a while.

It seemed that Hiram had a lot of female friends who could be found everywhere.

Joanna had once said that Hiram never got close to women, but Rachel was beginning to wonder how true that was.

Rachel interrupted them with a cough. "Excuse me, where's the bathroom?" she asked.

Since she'd slept the whole way on the plane and had gotten into the car immediately after that, she hadn't gotten a chance to go to the bathroom.

But now, she could barely hold it in.

"Hiram, when did you change your secretary?" Anya asked, glancing at Rachel before turning back to Hiram.

Instead of answering her, Hiram turned to Carl, who was standing behind him, and said, "Take her to the bathroom."

Anya understood that he didn't intend to answer her question, so she didn't press him about it. Anya and Hiram entered Streams Garden with their arms linked together. "After lunch, let's go target shooting. You can help me check whether I've made any progress or not, " she said.

"Okay, though I'm sure that you must have made progress since you're so smart, "

Hiram praised her encouragingly. Before the marriage, he used to come to Streams Garden every once in a while for a two-day stay. Anya had majored in financial management abroad, and he'd managed to convince her to come here to work for him. She was good at managing the business. The Streams Garden was so far ahead of all the other companies in its industry.

After lunch, since Rachel didn't feel tired thanks to her long nap on the plane, she accompanied Hiram to the meadow.

It was only after she arrived there that she found out what was in the meadow.

It was a shooting range where people could shoot arrows at targets.

She'd once found Hiram's trophy in his study, so she knew that Hiram liked archery. Today, she could get a good chance to watch him shooting.

She was weari

achel quickly released her hold on the arrow as he stopped holding her hands.

The arrow flew through the air before hitting the target. Although it hadn't hit the center of the target, it hadn't missed it either.

It was the first time that Rachel had tried her hand at archery, so she was overjoyed when she realized that she had hit the target. Unable to control herself, she waved her hand in delight and exclaimed, "My dear husband, I hit the target!"

As soon as the words left her mouth, the smile on her face froze.

The word 'husband' had naturally come to her mind just now, but she hadn't meant to utter it out loud.

'I can't believe I did that. Will Hiram be angry?' Rachel wondered.

She studied Hiram's expression carefully. When he heard her call him 'husband, ' he looked taken aback, surprise flooding his eyes.

Hiram calmed down quickly and said, "Well. I gave you a hands-on lesson, so of course you could hit the target."

Anya was also surprised by Rachel's words.

Stunned, she asked, "Hiram, when did you get married?"

Rachel was worried that she had caused trouble this time. She had promised that she would not disturb Hiram when he was dating a girlfriend. But she had called him husband just now. He would probably be furious at her.

She put down the bow, pressed her cap and snuck towards the beach umbrella.

"We haven't officially held our wedding yet. I'll definitely invite you when the time comes, " Hiram replied. Then, noticing that Rachel was trying to leave secretly, he shouted, "Rachel, where do you think you're going?"

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