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   Chapter 51 Keep Your Eyes Open Next Time

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The secretary wearing glasses stepped out of the office and trotted in high-heeled shoes. "Boss! What happened?"

Elsa slowed to a halt and stood straight.

"Did you ask her to wait outside?" Hiram cast a sullen glance at Elsa. Seeing his grim face, Elsa nervously took a step back.

"Yes. I thought she was waiting for the General Manager. I, I didn't expect that she was waiting for you, boss, " Elsa stuttered.

She should have made her question clearer. Now, she had offended her boss. What was she going to do? She wrung her hands in worry.

At that moment, Carl came over and, looking at the trembling secretary, he said, "There's no blame attached to the unintentional wrongdoer. You won't be held accountable for your mistake this time. Look, this is Mrs. Rong. Keep your eyes open next time!"

In public, Carl usually called Hiram Mr. Rong instead of by his first name.

Carl turned to Hiram. "Mr. Rong, the plane is taking off in forty minutes. It's time for us to go now."

Rachel also nodded and came over and pulled on his sleeve. "Don't be angry. It's my fault. I didn't speak clearly and she misunderstood what I was trying to say. Let's go now."

It was nothing serious. Rachel wasn't narrow-minded.

Hiram didn't say anything. Seeing his smiling wife, Hiram felt his anger dissipated and walked towards his office.

Before boarding the plane, Rachel called Fannie.

Upon hearing that Hiram was taking Rachel on a vacation, Fannie was overjoyed and complimented Hiram on how considerate he was. She thought of the vacation as a short honeymoon.

It seemed like Fannie was becoming increasingly satisfied with her son-in-law.

After boarding the plane, Rachel soon fell asleep.

Since she hadn't slept well the night before and the first class seat was comfortable, she fell asleep easily.

But she didn't know that

Hiram, who was sitting in front of her, was staring at her with knotted eyebrows.

Next to him, Carl couldn't help chuc

d the fork into his mouth. He nodded appreciatively as he chewed and said, "It's really delicious. But when we arrive at our destination, there'll be more delicious food."

"Okay. This is just a snack. It won't affect my dinner, " Rachel said as she continued to eat the noodles

Carl heaved a huge sigh of relief. It seemed that Rachel was Hiram's Achilles' heel.

Recently, Hiram's temper had gotten much better.

At the Streams Garden...

The garden was located in the suburb, with the sea in the background. Thanks to its spectacular scenery, excellent environment and fresh air, it had become a hot spot for holiday, leisure, and entertainment.

This was a new style of garden developed by the Streams Company. With its beautiful scenery, it served as a wonderful resort.

Getting off the car, Rachel stretched out her arms. She couldn't help gasping with awe when she saw the broad green scenery.

It was definitely the right decision to come here with Hiram. It was her first time to come to such a beautiful place.

"Hiram, you're here at last, "

Said a voice. It belonged to a slender Chinese-European woman. She had deep blue eyes and curly blonde hair, and wore a black tassel dress.

While speaking, this half-bred beauty wore a smile and elegantly walked towards Hiram with open arms.

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