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   Chapter 50 Is He The General Manager

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Rachel hesitated to go in. She wondered how she could face Hiram now.

Nonetheless, she thought that she's just worrying too much. Hiram must have been in his own bedroom now; she might not see him.

Rachel shook her head and walked into the villa.

Before she returned to her own bedroom, Rachel couldn't help but silently walk towards Hiram's bedroom. The door was closed. Rachel leaned her head against the door, rested her ear on it and listened carefully.

She wanted to know if Hiram was still angry. If what Celine said was true, Rachel was afraid that she had really irritated Hiram so much.

"What are you doing?"

Rachel suddenly heard a voice behind her. It sent a shiver down to her spine. She was shocked and immediately turned rigid.

She slowly turned her head around and saw Hiram standing behind her with a towel wrapped around his neck. Beads of sweat were dripping down from his bare chest. He seemed to have taken an exercise and come back.

Oh, right! Rachel suddenly remembered that there was a large gym upstairs.

"I...I thought this was my room..." Rachel forced a smile and said embarrassedly. This explanation sounded so ridiculous, but Rachel wasn't able to think of any other excuse.

Hiram didn't say anything. He steered away from her, opened the door and went into his bedroom.

He didn't close the door though.

Rachel saw him go straight to the bathroom.

Not knowing why, Rachel unconsciously followed him into his bedroom.

Rachel actually didn't dare to enter his bedroom. But it seemed that she couldn't control her body. She wanted to stay there and wait for him. She wanted to say something more to him, even just one more word.

Some moments later, Hiram had done taking shower and came out from the bathroom. When he saw Rachel standing near the doorstep of his bedroom waiting for him, He finally asked her.

"What's up?"

"Um... Well...I want to ask you something. What time will we set out tomorrow? What's the weather like there? Do I need to bring something else with me? How long will we stay there? Do I need to ask for a vacation leave for a few more days?"

Rachel unceasingly asked him.

When she realized that she had been asking too many questions, Rachel embarrassedly bit her lip and stopped.

Hiram turned around and tied his bathrobe tightly. Then, he sat on the bedside, grabbed his phone and looked at his schedule. "We will stay there for two or three days. Your days off are enough. The climate there is almost the same as it is here. Tomorrow morning, you need to go to my company with me. I have some work to handle first. It will take me just about one hour. Then, we will go straight to the airport."

Hiram answered Rachel's questions all at once. He didn't raise his head to look at her. Rachel understood that he might be still angry at her.

"Okay, I got it. I will get up earlier tomorrow morning, " Rachel said as she walked out

e the secretary asked her to leave, Rachel thought she had better follow the company's rules. She would be very impolite if she still stayed there. She might even bring trouble to Hiram.

As she watched Rachel going towards the exit, the secretary shook her head and said with sarcasm, "The general manager is always very serious with his work. Why did he bring a young girl here? Good luck to him. He will have his end from this company soon!"

The secretary's voice was loud enough to be heard by Rachel. After she heard the secretary's words, Rachel felt so strange. She thought that Hiram was the boss of the company. But now, she was surprised to find out that he wasn't the boss. He was even disliked by his workmates.

Rachel walked and passed the long glass window. Inside the meeting room, Hiram incidentally raised his head and noticed Rachel that was walking in the corridor. He looked at his wristwatch and found it was already late.

"Okay, so much for today, " Hiram concluded the meeting. He immediately stood up and walked towards the door. His assistant hastily cleared all his files and papers on the desk.


Hiram pushed the door open and yelled at Rachel who was about to go into the elevator.

His voice was loud enough to be heard by the people in the meeting room. They all looked outside the long and transparent glass window.

Rachel was about to enter the elevator, but when she heard someone call her, she turned around.

"Didn't I ask you to wait for me in my office? Where are you going?"

Hiram frowned and asked her.

Rachel shrugged her shoulders and said innocently, "Mr. Rong! So you are the general manager here. It's such a high position, too. But a beautiful woman wearing a pair of eyeglasses told me that I couldn't wait inside. Then she asked me to wait outside."

"What did you say?"

Hiram was amused after he heard what Rachel said. He turned around and shouted, "Elsa, come here!"

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