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   Chapter 49 An Aha Moment Dawned on Rachel

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Hiram witnessed the roller-coaster ride of the trophy. He couldn't help but sweat when it flew into the air. He would literally throw Rachel downstairs if the trophy was smashed on the floor.

Thankfully, the trophy landed safely in her arms. Hiram closed the door and walked inside.

"If it broke, you would have to use your compensation payment to make it up for me."

Rachel stuck out her tongue and put back the trophy into the glass-framed cabinet carefully. The trophy was awarded to him from an archery contest.

Rachel was imagining his gallant and handsome figure when he threw arrows while riding on the horseback.

"Shoot, what do you need from me?" Hiram walked over to the sofa, positioned himself in front of the table, and took the teapot near him while he said those words.

Rachel followed his steps and sat opposite to him. She gazed at him as he was making tea gracefully - adding tea leaves, pouring water and washing them. He looked like an elegant, noble man.

"I guess my mother will soon visit your parents to discuss about our wedding. She didn't listen to what I told her. So… I've come here to ask for your help."

After all, the wedding involved both of them, so they should find a solution for it together.

Hiram poured a cup of tea and gave it to her. His eyes were glistening with joy when he heard those words, "Are you asking for a wedding ceremony?"

Rachel nodded her head. She knew this would be tricky.

They would divorce in twenty days. It was unnecessary and troublesome for them to have a wedding ceremony at this critical moment.

They would lose their faces and be publicly humiliated if the whole city knew about it.

"What do you think?" Hiram drew his exquisitely carved tea cup to his lips, blew it, and took a sip.

Rachel was fidgeting her hands, took a deep breath and said, "I think…Maybe… We should tell our parents the truth. How about taking our incompatibility as an excuse?

You could totally blame this on me. I am okay with it."

With a faint smile, Hiram put down the cup and looked into her eyes as if he was searching for some signs of affection, "Have you ever thought about taking this opportunity and marrying me for real? Even for once?"

Hiram thought it would take her some time to reply, but Rachel shook her head right away determinedly.

"Not even once!

I know you don't love me. Marriage is bestowed with life. Without love, it would turn us into walking dead. I don't want you to suffer for the rest of your life!" Rachel abruptly said to him. After spending some time with Hiram, she discovered that Hiram indeed got a bad temper. But, to be

m by myself for no particular reason. Does that count as feeling for him?"

"You absolutely have a low EQ! I pity Hiram. He has done everything possible to profess his feelings towards you, yet you still don't get it." Celine shook her head in despair, "Listen to me and do what I tell you next when you go back home."

"Why?" Rachel asked.

"My silly Rachel, you are a grown woman. What are the chances for you to meet such an excellent man? It's nearly zero. You have to hold unto him. You just can't let him go."

Celine would surely strangle her neck if Rachel was by her side.


"Cut all your craps. You have to differentiate the past from the present. And you have to reevaluate your relationship based on his current attitudes.

I have confidence in you. I know you are capable to make a man like you. The men in the past were just not the right person. Trust my words, Rachel!"

Celine gave her good suggestions. Celine thought she ended up with a distressed mouth. But as long as her best friend could find her true love, everything she had done would be worthy.

"It's different this time. Hiram himself is a decent man. Besides that, he is also wealthy. He is worth fighting for. Rachel, it's time for you to win him with your hidden charms. I believe he is the one who could find your true value and cherish you!"

Celine knew Rachel so well. She knew Rachel hid all her charms on purpose. If she showed all her charms, she could definitely win his heart.

Rachel lost her thought on her way home. Celine's words had given her an aha moment.

The decision she was about to make would determine her happiness for the rest of her life.

Rachel suddenly stopped when she saw the brightly-lit villa and gazed at it earnestly.

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